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This is a listing of faculty members with Grossmont College websites.

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Name (last/first) Title Department Phone Email
Alagia, Sudakshina  Professor, Department Chair Biological Sciences  619-644-7334  shina.alagia@gcccd.edu
Andersen, Andre  Instructor Business Office Technology Business Office Technology  619-756-9099  andre.andersen@gcccd.edu
Ashburn, Daniella  Adjunct Faculty History    daniella.ashburn@gcccd.edu
Aylward, Kathleen  Assistant Professor Exercise Science and Biology/Coordinator Adapted Exercise Program Exercise Science and Wellness  619-644-7987  kathleen.aylward@gcccd.edu
Barrow, Liz  Program Director Cardiovascular Technology 619-644-7895   liz.barrow@gcccd.edu
Bellinghiere, Janice  Professor of English English   619-644-7526  janice.bellinghiere@gcccd.edu
Bennett, Jennifer  Professor of Art Arts and Humanities  619-644-7966 jennifer.bennett@gcccd.edu 
Blanco, Philip  Lecturer Astronomy, Physical Science, Physics  619-644-7312  philip.blanco@gcccd.edu
Braswell-Burris, Patrice  DSPS Counselor  DSPS  619-644-7881  patrice.braswell-bur@gcccd.edu
Braunwarth, Joe    Political Economy  619-644-7514  joe.braunwarth@gcccd.edu
Brown, Sydney  Professor of English/Project Success Coordinator English, Project Success  619-644-7523  sydney.brown@gcccd.edu
Bryan, Ann        ann.bryan@gcccd.edu
Butland, Karen  Adjunct Associate Professor Chemistry    ksbutland@gmail.com; karen.butland@gcccd.edu;
Caires, Karen  Exercise Science-Associate Professor; Head Coach-Women's Basketball  Athletics  619-644-7461  karen.caires@gcccd.edu
Calo, Jeanette  Journalism and Digital Media Instructor      jeanette.calo@gcccd.edu
Capacia, Nemie  Mathematics Professor    619-644-7519


Cardenas, Julie  English Instructor Creative Writing, English  619-644-7486  julie.cardenas@gcccd.edu
Cardona, Israel  Sociology Instructor/Chair-Behavioral Sciences Department Behavioral Sciences, Sociology   619-644-7784 israel.cardona@gcccd.edu 
Carmean, Jennifer  ASL Instructor American Sign Language  619-644-7870  jennifer.carmean@gcccd.edu
 Department Chair, Physics, Astronomy, Physical Science  Astronomy, Physical Science, Physics  619-644-7315  brian.carter@gcccd.edu
 Chafin, Ph.D., Sky Associate Professor  Behavioral Sciences, Psychology  619-644-7719  Sky.Chafin@gcccd.edu
 Close, Zoe  Instructor Philosophy/Religious Studies Philosophy, Religious Studies  619-644-7510  zoe.close@gcccd.edu
Cohen, Ross  Professor Physics, Astronomy, and Physical Science  Physical Science, Physics  619-644-7825  ross.cohen@gcccd.edu
Contreras, Carlos A.  Professor History  History  619-644-7758  carlos.contreras@gcccd.edu
Cormier, Sébastien  Instructor Astronomy, Physics  x7313  Sebastien.Cormier@gcccd.edu
Crespo, Antonio        antonio.crespo@gcccd.edu
 Cudahy, Kathleen  CSIS Instructor Computer Science Information Systems    kathleen.cudahy@gcccd.edu
Curran, Judd  Chair, Earth Sciences Dept.  Earth Sciences  (619) 644-7343  judd.curran@gcccd.edu
 Denney, Jennifer        jennifer.denney@gcccd.edu
Ding, Tony  Instructor English English  619-644-7492  tony.ding@gcccd.edu
 Doe, Jane  Professor in the making Administration of Justice  555-555-5555  janeDoe@gmail.com
Doherty, Marian  BOT Instructor Business Office Technology  619-590-3990  marian.doherty@gcccd.edu
Dudley, Virginia  Professor of Biology Biological Sciences  619-644-7858 virginia.dudley@gcccd.edu 
Eggett, Ruth        ruth.eggett@gcccd.edu
 Ennis, Marty  History Instructor  History  619-644-7522  marty.ennis@gcccd.edu
Farina-Hess, Nadra  Cataloging Librarian Library Resources  619-644-7283  nadra.farina-hess@gcccd.edu
Farnes, Darlene  Instructor ESL English as a Second Language   619-644-7454 ext. 3699  darlene.farnes@gcccd.edu
 Feres, Angela  Professor of History History  619-644-7473  angela.feres@gcccd.edu
Ferguson, Sara  Instructor English as a Second Language  619-644-7561  sara.ferguson@gcccd.edu
Fielden, Carl  Professor, Learning Disabilities Specialist, Coordinator, Assistive Technology Center  DSPS, English  619-644-7111  carl.fielden@gcccd.edu
Funk, Raymond  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  619-644-7291  raymond.funk@gcccd.edu
Garcia, Steve       steve.garcia@gcccd.edu 
 Garrity, Lisa Ann  Exercise Science Instructor Exercise Science and Wellness  619) 644-7454 x3610  Lisa.Garrity@gcccd.edu
 Gelb, Janet  Distance Education Coordinator/ Computer Science Information Systems Instructor Computer Science Information Systems  619-644-7708  Janet.Gelb@gcccd.edu
 Giles, Sharon  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  619-644-7082 sharon.giles@gcccd.edu 
 Gillespie, Barb Assistant Professor Business Office Technology  Business Office Technology  619-644-7984  barb.gillespie@gcccd.edu
 Golden, Debra L.  Assoc. Professor of Psycology Psychology   1-619-644-3803  debby.golden@gcccd.edu
Golden, Michael  Biology Professor Biological Sciences  619-644-7332  michael.golden@gcccd.edu
Gonda, Sue  Coordinator, Cross Cultural Studies Cross-Cultural Studies  619-644-7875  sue.gonda@gcccd.edu
Griffith, Ryan English Instructor  English  619-644-7836  ryan.griffith@gcccd.edu
Hargrove, Kristin  History, Adjunct Professor History  619-644-7454 ext. 3618  kristin.hargrove@gcccd.edu (preferred)
Harris, Cindi  Associate Professor of English / Professional Development Co-Coordinator  English  619.644.7502  cindi.harris@gcccd.edu
 Harvey, Cathy  Instructor English English  619-644-7494  cathy.harvey@gcccd.edu
 Heuft, Dawn  Instructional Design Technology Specialist, interim  Other  619-644-7385  Dawn.Heuft@gcccd.edu
 Hicks, Shawn        shawn.hicks@gcccd.edu
 Hill, Chris   Sr. Dean College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness/ Professor Earth Sciences Earth Sciences  619-644-7462  chris.hill@gcccd.edu
Hoaglin, Bill        Bill.Hoaglin@gcccd.edu
Holder, Oralee  Professor of English/Chair of the English Department English  619-644-7496  oralee.holder@gcccd.edu
Hurvitz, Tate  Associate Professor of English English  619-644-7874  tate.hurvitz@gcccd.edu
Irwin, Jeff        jeff.irwin@gcccd.net
Jacobson, Gary    Earth Sciences  619-644-7887  gary.jacobson@gcccd.edu
Jendian, Micah  English Instructor English  619-644-7458  micah.jendian@gcccd.edu
Kashyap, Nirmala  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics    Nirmala.Kashyap@gcccd.edu
Kelley, Dr. Beth  Professor Exercise Science and Wellness  619-644-7405  beth.kelley@gcccd.edu
 La Puma, Russell  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  619-644-7454 ext.3663  russell.lapuma@gcccd.edu
Larter, Martin   Chemistry  619-644-7346   martin.larter@gcccd.edu
Ledri-Aguilar, Lisa  English Professor English  619-644-7246  lisa.ledri@gcccd.edu
Lee, Cary  Instructor Math Mathematics  619-644-7894  cary.lee@gcccd.edu
 Lee, Stuart        stuart.lee@gcccd.edu
Lehman, Jeff  Professor of Chemistry Chemistry  619-644-7341  jeff.lehman@gcccd.edu
Liesberg, Helen  ESL Chair English as a Second Language  619-644-7441  helen.liesberg@gcccd.edu
 Lopez, Pearl  EOPS Counselor, PDC Instructor, First Year Experience Coordinator  Personal Development  (619) 644-7651  pearl.lopez@gcccd.edu
 Loveless, Barbara  Professor / ACE Academic Coordinator English as a Second Language  619-644-7563  barbara.loveless@gcccd.edu
 Maloney, Jason Mathematics Professor  Mathematics    jason.maloney@gcccd.edu
 Mapes, Gwenyth Professor of Humanities   Humanities  619-644-7525 gwenyth.mapes@gcccd.edu 
 Martin, Sarah  English Instructor English  619-644-7853  sarah.martin@gcccd.edu
 McGann, Scott  Associate Professor  Political Economy  619-644-7880  scott.mcgann@gcccd.edu
McKinley, Lynn G.  Instructor  Child Development and Family Studies  619-644-7000 x 3849  lynn.mckinley@gcccd.edu
McNair, Eileen
Instructor Psychology
Psychology  619-644-7454 ext.3809 eileen.mcnair@gcccd.edu 
Medina, Joe  English Associate Professor  English  619-644-7507  joe.medina@gcccd.edu
Mehlhoff, David        David.Mehlhoff@gcccd.edu
Mercurio, John  Political Science Instructor  Political Economy  619-644-7454 ext. 3802  jemercurio@hotmail.com
 Middlemas, Julie Librarian/Professor   Library Resources  619-644-7371  julie.middlemas@gcccd.edu
 Milgrim, Craig  Professor of Biology  Biological Sciences  619-644-7337  craig.milgrim@gcccd.edu
Millan, Arturo        auturo.millan@gcccd.edu
Moore, Sara        sara.moore@gcccd.edu
 Morrison, Pat  Librarian/Professor Library Resources  619-644-7788 pat.morrison@gcccd.edu 
Moshiri, Ramin  Adjunct Faculty Computer Science Information Systems  619.630.4574  ramin.moshiri@gcccd.edu
Myers, Todd  Associate Professor - Department Chair  Political Economy  (619) 644-7848  todd.myers@gcccd.edu
Myers, Todd  Associate Professor - Department Chair  American Collegiate English  (619) 644-7848  todd.myers@gcccd.edu
Navarro, Ruth        ruth.navarro@gcccd.edu
Neeb, Judy  Librarian Library Resources    judy.neeb@gcccd.edu
 Norman, Ph.D., CDAP, CSM, CCP, Ronald  CSIS Adjunct (Retired) Professor Computer Science Information Systems    ronald.norman@gcccd.edu
 Oakes, John  Professor Chemistry, Physical Science  619-644-7345  john.oakes@gcccd.edu
Oertel, Tom  Professor of Nursing  Nursing  619-644-7429  tom.oertel@gcccd.edu
 Olmstead Ph.D., Thomas  Professor of Chemistry Chemistry  (619) 644-7483  Tom.Olmstead@gcccd.edu
Orr, Michael  Part-Time Math Instructor Mathematics    Michael.Orr@gcccd.edu
Owens, Jessica  Librarian Library Resources  (619) 644-7751  jessica.owens@gcccd.edu
Paine, Thomas  Professor CSIS Computer Science Information Systems    thomas.paine@gcccd.edu
Pak, Maria  Psychology Instructor Psychology  619-644-7860  maria.pak@gcccd.edu
Palacios, Irene  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  619-644-7834  irene.palacios@gcccd.edu
 Passentino, Chuck  Instructor English as a Second Language  619-644-7566  chuck.passentino@gcccd.edu
Pereira, Shirley  Professor of Mathematics Mathematics  619-644-7835  Shirley.Pereira@gcccd.edu
Pines, Will  Alternative Media /Assistive Technology Center Specialist  DSPS  619-644-7852  will.pines@gcccd.edu
Pressnall, Mark  Co-Coordinator / Associate Instructor Business Office Technology  619-644-7867  mark.pressnall@gcccd.edu
Quinn, Clifton  Professor CSIS & Business Business Administration, Computer Science Information Systems 619-644-7485   clifton.quinn@gcccd.edu
Quitquit (Kerns), Cheryl  STUDENT SERVICES ASSISTANT  Other  619-644-7181  cheryl.quitiquit@gcccd.edu
 Ramos, Amy  FILL POSITION Behavioral Sciences  FILL PHONE  FILL EMAIL
 Ripley, Bonnie  Professor Biology Biological Sciences  619-644-7045  bonnie.ripley@gcccd.edu
Rowe-Odom, Michelle  CalWORKs Counselor  EOPS  619-644-7000 EXT: 5001  Michelle.Rowe-Odom@gcccd.edu
 Ruggero, Lorena  Director, College & Community Relations ZZ Test Renamed  619-644-7840  lorena.ruggero@gcccd.edu
 Sako, Qais  English Professor  English  619-644-7505  qais.sako@gcccd.edu
 Sanders, Ann  Professor American Sign Language  555-555-5553  anns@gmail.com
 Schmidt, Pete  Assistant Professor of Humanities  Humanities  644-7962  pete.schmidt@gcccd.edu
 Sherlock, Karl  Professor Creative Writing, English  619-644-7871  karl.sherlock@gcccd.edu
Smerk, Tom  Adjunct Professor BOT/CSIS Business Office TechnologyComputer Science Information Systems  644-7454 ext.3526  tom.smerk@gcccd.edu
Smith, Beth  Professor of Mathematics Mathematics  619-644-7893  beth.smith@gcccd.edu
 Smith, Jane  Professor of Chemistry American Collegiate English, American Sign Language  111-222-3333 test@gcccd.edu 
 Snyder, Michelle  Instructor Culinary Arts/Exercise Science Culinary Arts  619-644-7454 ext.3451  michelle.snyder@gcccd.edu
Stefani, Lisa  Professor Communications/Speech Communication  619-644-7454 ext. 3926  Lstef28@aol.com
 Therkalsen, Scott   Earth Sciences  (619) 644-7358  scott.therkalsen@gcccd.edu
Thompson, Deanna  Web Development & Support Specialist Learning and Technology Resources  (619) 644-7376  deanna.thompson@gcccd.edu
 Trang, Vi        vi.trang@gcccd.edu
 Tuttle, Sandia  English Instructor English  619-644-7454 ext. 3804  sandia.tuttle@gcccd.edu
 Umbarger, Ken        kenneth.umbarger@gcccd.edu
 Vance, Diana  Instructor Chemistry Chemistry  619-644-7047  diana.vance@gcccd.edu
 Vanden Eynden, Jenny  Mathematics Professor Mathematics  619-644-7294  jenny.vandeneynden@gcccd.edu
Waller, Jeff  Mathematics Instructor Mathematics  619-644-7248  jeff.waller@gcccd.edu
 Weinrich, James   Behavioral Sciences, Psychology    James.Weinrich@gcccd.edu
 Wells, Peggy        peggy.wells@gcccd.edu
Willard, Ph.D., Cary  Professor of Chemistry Chemistry  619-644-7427  cary.willard@gcccd.edu
Wilson, Michael  Instructor CSIS Computer Science Information Systems    michael.wilson@gcccd.edu
Wirig, Dr. Evan C.  Department Chair & Professor Audio-Video Media Communications; Chair of Chairs and Coordinators  Media Communications  619-644-7465  evan.wirig@gcccd.edu
Working, Susan  Professor of Mathematics Mathematics  619-644-7290  susan.working@gcccd.edu
Yang, June  Philosophy Instructor Philosophy  619-644-7274  june.yang@gcccd.edu
 Yoshida-Levine, Bonnie  Assistant Professor of Anthropology Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences  619-644-7861  bonnie.yoshida@gcccd.edu