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The FAQ page has been designed to help you avoid waiting in line to ask questions that can be answered on-line. If you have questions that are not listed here, enter your question in the "additional questions" box, or click here to go directly to the "additional questions" box, and you will receive a response within 24 hours. To contact the webmaster, e-mail Adam Dince at

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1. I need to pay my fees for the class(es) I just added. How can I do this?
2. What is a health fee? Can I have it waived?
3. I have dropped my class (before the refund deadline) and want my refund. How do I do this?
4. I can't come down to the Cashier Office to pick up my refund; can I have my friend, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc., pick it up for me?
5. I have a refund on my account with Grossmont College; may I leave it there for the next semester.
6. Can I "add" classes at the Cashier Office?
7. How can I get a parking permit?
8. I received my parking permit and/or student benefit card sticker in the mail, but don't need them anymore. What can I do?
9. I have lost my parking permit (or it was stolen). Can I have another one?
10. I have dropped a class and want to return my book; do I do this at the College Cashier Office?
A. Once you have added a class, your payment is expected within three working days. If you want to pay by credit card, after your class has been added on "College Connection," you will have the option of paying at the end of the process by VISA, Mastercard, or DiscoverCard. Stay on the phone after you complete adding your classes, and listen to the prompts. You can also pay by credit or debit card using "WebAdvisor".

If you are paying by check or money order, mail the payment to the address specified in the current Grossmont College Class Schedule, making sure that YOUR name and student ID number are clearly printed on the check or money order. Or, you may put the payment in the "drop box" outside of the door at Admissions & Records, or in the slot in the door at the Cashier Office.

Cash payments may be made at the Grossmont College Cashier Office; NEVER mail a cash payment for your tuition and/or fees, nor put it in the "drop box."

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A. The health fee is a mandatory fee, required each semester for any students taking a class on the Grossmont College campus. The fee provides for insurance coverage if a student is injured during a supervised, on-campus or school-related activity, and also helps to support the Health Services office on campus. The fee is mandatory and cannot be waived, even if you have your own insurance or health coverage elsewhere.
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A. How and when you receive your refund is determined by whether you paid by cash, check, or credit card. If you paid with cash, you may receive a cash refund immediately at the Cashier Office. If you have paid by check, then you must wait ten working days from the date we received the check to get your refund; the refund will be given to you in cash, at the Cashier Office. If you paid by your credit or debit card, then you MUST contact the Cashier Office in order to have your refund processed, which must be in person or by phone if you call at (619) 644-7660.

Important note: In order to receive your refund, you MUST show us a VALID picture ID, such as a California Driver's License, California ID, Passport, or military ID. The Grossmont College ID card can NOT be used to obtain a refund. An expired ID card is NOT "valid."

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A. No! Refunds are only payable to the student and will not be given to any other individual.
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A. No, refund balances on student accounts cannot be applied to future semesters.
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A. No, there is no way to add classes at the Cashier Office. Classes may be added on "College Connection" by calling (619) 668-4040, or you may add classes on-line through "WebAdvisor" ( If you must add a class after the official "add/drop" deadline for the semester, then you should contact the Admissions & Records office for instructions, at (619)644-7186.
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A. Prior to school starting, while registration is taking place via "College Connection" and "WebConnect", you can order your parking permit when you pay for your classes; a confirmation mailer will be sent to you which will contain your parking permit.

Once school starts, however, no more mailers will be sent, and you must come to the Cashier Office to purchase a parking permit in person.

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A. If you want to return your parking permit and/or student benefit card for a refund, then they must be physically returned to the Grossmont College Cashier by the refund deadline which is consistent with the class you are taking. For example, if your class had to be dropped by February 8th in order for you to receive a refund, then your parking permit or benefit sticker must be RETURNED to us by that date to be eligible for a refund.
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A. The only way to obtain a new permit is to go to the Grossmont College Cashier and purchase one. The college is NOT responsible for lost or stolen permits, and no free replacements are given.
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A No, books must be returned to the bookstore where purchased. You must check with them for book refund information.
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