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The Grossmont College Cashier's office provides support services to students, faculty and staff. Student enrollment fees and tuition fees are processed both on and off campus. The Cashier Office is responsible for the reconciliation of the telephone registration payments for the semesters. Parking permits, student benefit cards, and catalogs are sold at the college cashier's window. Payments are receipted for parking citations, transcripts, library fines and replacements, typing tests, culinary arts fees, AOJ Baton fees, community test proctoring, and childcare for the Child Development Center. Various trust funds and district miscellaneous funds are receipted through the cashier office.

The Cashier's office works in conjunction with with Admissions and records office to see that the students' individual accounts are accurately posted. Financial Aid, EOPS and CARE checks are disbursed and financial aid checks that are returned for bad addresses are processed and disbursed also. Federal student aid owed from the student for early withdrawal is repaid to the Cashier's office. Deferred payments are processed and monitored through the Cashier's office. Reports for deferred payments, returned mailers, returned parking and benefit cards are maintained. Administer the replacement parking permit program.

The Cashier office works with the ROP Program in getting students enrolled and payments charged to appropriate budget numbers within the district. The Cashier office has an appeal process for students who have exceptional circumstances in relationship to the return of parking permits and benefit cards after the refund dates.

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Last Updated: 08/03/2015
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