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Mission Statement

Grossmont College - Changing lives through education.


Grossmont College is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment that enables diverse individuals to pursue their hopes, dreams, and full potential, and to developing enlightened leaders and thoughtful citizens for local and global communities.

Our mission is fulfilled by providing the people of East San Diego County with:

  • Transfer degrees and certificates programs
  • Career technical education and workforce development
  • Basic skills
  • Student support services that promote student access and achievement
  • Community education

Adopted by the Governing Board December 2009

As part of its mission, Grossmont College pursues these values:

Learning and Student Success

We dedicate our resources and ourselves in support of our students and their pursuits to achieve their academic,
professional, and personal goals.

Creativity and Innovation

We value the capacity for ingenuity and originality on our campus and within our community.

Pursuit of Excellence and Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence in our programs and services. We believe in the capacity for continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence. We accept the challenges of being accountable for our efforts.


We commit to acting and speaking truthfully and responsibly and hold ourselves and other accountable to this standard.

Power of Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to a climate for learning that considers diverse perspectives to be a powerful component in the education of every individual, valuing and accommodating both differences and commonalities.


We value fair, respectful, thoughtful interactions, based on a positive approach, that promote reflection, foster deeper understanding of phenomena, and permit achievement of common goals.


We value a nurturing and positive approach in all we do, embracing laughter and enthusiasm, as we nurture the development of the whole individual, including the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of each individual.

Last Updated: 10/24/2014
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