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Faculty Resources

Faculty plays an integral role in the development of a campus-wide community service learning program. Our goal is to encourage faculty from a large variety of disciplines to incorporate a service learning option for their students into course curricula.

With this goal in mind, the following readings, shared assignments, and critical questions are intended to provide faculty means of learning more about the benefits of community service learning, and offer instructors an easy way to incorporate Month of Service activities into their course content. 

Critical Questions

Assigning reflection questions to students transforms their volunteer experience into an academic service learning project. Below, are a few examples of the types of questions that will accomplish the deeper learning and critical thinking that service learning aims to achieve. 

1. What were your initial expectations of participating in _____________activity. How has your participation changed these expectations? Why? 

2. From a ___________ perspective, discuss the function and purpose of community art. Who does it serve, and how does it serve the community? What is the significance of the images depicted, and how do these images foster or impede inclusivity?

3. Describe your experience participating in _____________ volunteer activity. In your essay be sure to address the following: What did you contribute to the day's activity? What you gained from your experience. Were your experiences positive or negative? What underlying social/environmental problems the activity addressed. 

4. From a _____________perspective, discuss the function and purpose of community art. Who does it serve, and how does it serve the community? Based on your experience participating in the Santee Mural project, how community participation foster these outcomes? 

Shared Assignments

Maria Pak, Psychology

Ingrid Jayne, English

Susmita Thukral, Psychology 


"Helping Others Offers Others Surprising Benefits" from Psychology Today, June 2012.

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