Transcript FAQ's


Q.   How much do transcripts cost?


A.   Students' first two official transcripts EVER are free. Once you’ve requested more than two official transcripts, the cost is $3.00 each. "Rush" official transcripts are $5.00 each. “Rush” means that the transcripts are processed and put in the mail within 2 business days.


Q. What is the difference between “regular” and “rush” processing of transcripts?


A. “Regular” official transcripts requested by internet through credentials solutions, mail, fax, and in person are processed and mailed within 5 business days after the request is received.  Processing time does not include shipping time, holidays or weekends (shipping time will take 2 to 9 business days).

"Rush" official transcripts are processed and mailed within 2 business days, plus shipping time (2 to 9 business days). Please indicate “RUSH” on the request form.
In person, "rush" official transcripts will be ready within approximately 30 minutes.


Q. What if I want to request a transcript in person?


A. Come to the Admissions and Records office (Building 10).


Q. If I request a transcript from Grossmont College, are classes from Cuyamaca College included?


A. Yes. Coursework taken at both colleges will be included on your transcript.


Q. I want to send an attachment with my official transcript.  What do I do?


If you need to send an attachment with your official transcript, you can email the attachment to (Please put “Transcript Request Attachment” in the subject line). You can also mail or fax the attachment with your request form to:


Grossmont College Admissions and Records
Attn: Transcripts
8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020-1799

Fax: 619-644-7933



Q. Can official transcripts be sent electronically?


A. Currently, only transcripts sent to San Diego State University are sent electronically. Transcripts sent to San Diego State University are considered regular transcripts and are processed twice per week.


Q. When are official transcripts stamped ISSUED TO STUDENT”?


A. All transcripts released to students or authorized persons are stamped ISSUED TO STUDENT”.


Q. I want my transcript sent after my grades are finalized. How long will it take to be processed and mailed? 


A. “Hold for Final Grade” transcripts are processed approximately 2-3 weeks after the end of the semester.


Q. I want my transcript sent after my degree is posted on my official transcript. How long will it take to be processed and mailed? 


A. “Hold for Degree Posting” transcripts are processed approximately 4 weeks after the end of the semester.


Q. I want to obtain course descriptions for classes I took.  What do I do?


A. The best way to obtain course descriptions is to visit (direct link).

In addition to College Souce, Grossmont College catalogs with course descriptions from 2002 to Present are available at the following link.


Official Transcripts - Order Online


**Please note: An additional $2.30 handling fee will be charged per transcript.**

Grossmont College  has partnered with Credentials Inc. to accept transcript orders over the Internet. Please click on the TranscriptsPlus icon below to enter your request.  If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the Internet, you can call Credentials Inc. at 847-716-3005 to place your transcript request.  There is an additional operator surcharge for placing orders over the telephone.


To check the status of my request:


Current students may also request transcripts from WebAdvisor under the "student menu" link. Select "Transcript Request" under the "Other Services" heading.


GCCCD WebAdvisor 1 

WebAdvisor 2


Click "Request Transcripts"



Click "Grossmont College"

 eCredentials 2




If you are not currently enrolled at Grossmont College you may obtain your transcripts by clicking Transcript Plus link below.



Official Transcripts - Order by Mail, Fax, or Email


Download the Transcript Request Form here or here.


Please fill out the form and submit it by mail, fax or email with a copy of your photo ID to:

Mailing Address:
Grossmont College
Admissions and Records
8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020-1799

Fax Number:
Fax: 619-644-7933
Attn: Transcripts Clerk

Email Address: Subject: Transcript Request


Download the Transcript Request Form here or here.


First two official transcripts are free.
Any additional transcripts are issued at the cost of:
$3 per copy (Please allow 3 to 5 business days processing time only)
$5 per copy (Please allow 2 business days processing time only)


RUSH transcript request is $5 **
**In person only. Transcript will be stamped "Issued to Student"**


Grossmont College has no control over the delivery time. Please allow sufficient time for delivery.

*All fees are payable in advance.* .


Payment Options

Your check or money order should be made out to Grossmont College. You may pay with a credit card by calling the College Cashier’s office at (619) 644-7660.  You will be issued a confirmation number that you need to include on your request form.


Official Transcripts - Order In Person

Transcripts may be ordered in person by coming to the Grossmont College Admissions & Records office during regular business hours.


Standard transcripts cost $3 for standard processing or $5 for "immediate" Rush transcripts.


For more information, please refer to the Transcripts FAQ section above.


Unofficial Transcripts

You may print your unofficial transcripts from WebAdvisor to get your past grades, courses taken, semesters attended and grade point average. Login to WebAdvisor and proceed to the "student menu." Select "Academic History" under the "Academic Profile" heading. On the prompt "Transcript Type" select "WA WebAdvisor."