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Registered Nurse


for fall 2014 consideration, applications will be accepted forspring 2015 consideration, applications will be accepted
February 18, 2014 -
March 14, 2014
June 23, 2014 -
July 18. 2014

*All immunizations must be complete at time of application 

For reference in completing the following required immunizations, please use the 
Immunization Record and Statement of Health form and Tuberculosis testing form. 
1. MMR- 
series of 2 vaccinations or a test for seropositivity. 
2. HepB-
 series of 3 vaccinations and HBsAb* Quantitative test for seropositivity. 
-negative seropositivity must include a booster or repeat of series and re-test
-approximate time period of 7-8 months to complete.
-no accelerated versions of the HepB series will be accepted
Students are not eligible to decline without a Physician's statement documenting
an adverse reaction or a statement from their pastor indicating refusal of HepB
for religious reasons.
3. Varicella-
 series of 2 vaccinations or a test for seropositivity.
4. Tdap-
 vaccination 2005 or after
5. Tuberculosis test- negative 2 step TB test or proof of positive test with a negative
chest x-ray and Questionnaire.

*Hepatitis B surface Antibody

posted 6/28/2012

Beginning with the fall 2013 cohort, all immunizations and tests must be completed in order to apply to the program.

He Requirements for Eligibility and Prerequisite Courses

To be eligible to submit an application to either program, 2-year ADN or LVN to RN Transition, applicants must submit proof of the following criteria to the Nursing Office with the application:

1. High School diploma or transcript, high school equivalency or a higher degree.
(If you have completed High School from outside of the United States, your foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credential evaluating service. Please see below for additional information).

2. Official transcripts reflecting a combined G.P.A. of 2.5 or better, no grade less than a "C" and a total of 13 units in the following science pre-requisite courses;

  • Anatomy and Physiology (8 units); both must include a classroom lab*

  • Microbiology (5 units); with classroom lab*.

Physiology and Microbiology must be completed within 7 years and Anatomy within 10 years of applying to the program. 

*Online lab courses are not acceptable for admission to the Nursing Program. Lab courses must be conducted in a classroom setting.

-For those students whose GPA is 2.5, but whose science courses were taken more than seven years ago, the completion of Physiology with a grade determined by the Nursing Department will satisfy the recency standard for science courses. Science recency is determined from the date of the last science course taken.

-When the three courses combined GPA is not 2.5, and if repeating one science course could bring the science GPA to 2.5, the student may repeat one science course one time. 
No more than one science repetition may occur within a 5 year period. All three courses should not be repeated.

-A withdraw "W" from one of the science prerequisites is considered an attempt to take the class therefore, is considered a repeat. The student is then ineligible to repeat a science course at this time. 

-Please contact the Nursing Office for specific course recency, GPA questions, if you are considering repeating a science prerequisite or if your transcripts show more than 1 repeat of any of the science prerequisites.

3. Official transcripts reflecting completionof the pre-requisite "fixed set" with a "C" or better in the following courses for the Nursing Major. Points are awarded for completed courses. Applications may be submitted without the completion of the following courses however, no points will be awarded until completed and a grade is posted on the official transcript.

  • English Composition (Eng 120 or 124)

  • Intermediate Algebra (Math 103 or higher, Math 160 recommended for transfer)

  • General Psychology (Psy 120)

  • Introductory Sociology (Soc 114 or 120)

  • Interpersonal Communications or Public Speaking (Comm 120 or 122, Comm 122 is recommended for transfer)

Any course taken outside of Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District must be approved for equivalency. Please refer to the Equivalency Grid for pre-approved courses from the other community colleges in the San Diego area. Applicant's wishing to apply using courses not listed on this grid, must include complete course descriptions from the college catalog in the year in which you took the course. The entire page of the course description must be copied and pasted into a document showing the institution from where it was taken. Do not cut the description and paste it into a document; it will not be accepted.

4. Submit to the Nursing Office a complete application packet, including the following:

  • official transcripts of required science prerequisite and any of the general education "fixed set" of coursework. 
    Include course descriptions if necessary,

  • validation of high school graduation, equivalent or a higher degree.

    documented proof of the following completed immunizations; new
    -MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)- series of 2 vaccinations or seropositivity,
    -Hepatitis B series of 3 vaccinations and test for seropositivity
    -negative seropositivity must include a booster or repeat of series and re-test
    -approximate time period of 7-8 months to complete.
    -no accelerated versions of the HepB series will be accepted
    Students are not eligible to decline without a Physician's statement documenting
    an adverse reaction or a statement from their pastor indicating refusal of HepB
    or religious reasons.
    -TDAP (Tetanus/Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis)-given 2005 or after
    -Varicella (Chickenpox) series of 2 vaccinations or seropositivity
    -TB Test (Tuberculosis) negative 2-step test or positive results from TB test
    with clear chest x-ray and Questionnaire.

    -High School foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credentialing
    evaluations service. Applicants may use the following services; IERF or
    ACEI. A general report is all that is required for proof of High School
    completion. This official, sealed evaluation must accompany the
    -College foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credentialing
    evaluations service if any of the courses are being used to apply to the
    nursing program. Applicants must obtain a detailed report and submit an
    official, sealed transcript evaluation from the International Evaluations
    Research Foundation IERF. Do not request that the evaluation be sent
    to the nursing program; it must be included with your application packet.

  • students applying to the Grossmont College Nursing Program are required to have a social security number and be able to provide proof when applying to the program.

  • Documented proof (if applicable) of the following: disabilities, eligibility for financial aid which would include a copy of a BOGFW-B, Federal pell grant, Cal works; EOPS student; Veteran status; letter from your employer of the number of hours per week you must work.

  • Documented proof (if applicable) of higher level course work in foreign languages or a letter from your employer on letterhead indicating you are fluent in a language other than English.

5. Successfully complete and submit an official transcript from the ATI website of the TEAS 5.0 exam with a minimum score of 62% with no more than 2 attempts. Students who fail to achieve a passing score on their first attempt must complete additional pre-nursing course work as directed by the nursing department TEAS policy(See Remediation plan). You must adhere to all Grossmont College Nursing Program policies when taking the TEAS and submitting a score. A TEAS score of 62% or higher must be achieved and documentation must be submitted to the Nursing Program with your application in order to be invited into any of the nursing programs. You may take the TEAS exam anywhere it is proctored. The TEAS exam may be repeated after 3 years of the initial version 5.0 TEAS exam taken. This will allow for an opportunity to achieve a higher score and receive a greater amount of points towards the program application. Remediation must be adhered to.

6. If accepted to the program, submit official transcripts of all college credits to the Admissions and Records Office immediately.

7. Students applying to the ADN Program with an LVN license must submit a copy of their current California LVN license with the application.

8. After acceptance to the Program the following requirements must be met by the date indicated in your new student orientation packet:

a. Submit the following forms to the Nursing Office:

  1. A satisfactory physical exam report documented on the Nursing Program form obtained in the Nursing Program New Student Requirement Packet.

  2. A signed Essential Functions of the Nursing Student form acknowledging the ability to perform the core skills outlined.

  3. Current American Heart Association CPR card for Health Care Providers. No other card will be accepted.

  4. Evidence of malpractice insurance -information provided in the Nursing Program New Student Requirement Packet.

  5. Completed ADB background check and drug screen for hospital compliance- information provided in the Nursing Program New Student Requirement Packet.

b. Complete all Grossmont College admission requirements as noted in the catalog.

If you have not yet seen a counselor at Grossmont College, please make an appointment to discuss general education and major requirements specific to the Nursing Programs.

LVN to RN applications are now accepted for the spring semesters only.
Licensed Vocational Nurses are eligible to apply during the spring application period to the 2-year ADN Program as an LVN to complete the requirements in three semesters for RN licensure. If the minimum numbers of qualified applications are not received for the spring semester, no LVN's will be admitted. Students accepted into the spring cohort will begin their 1st semester in Nursing 118, 119 and 130 then continue to Nursing 220, 222, 230 and 235 for the remaining 2 semesters.

Important: Any prior conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may influence eligibility for licensure as a Registered Nurse. A flagged background check or drug screen may also prohibit entrance and/or participation in the nursing program. Applicants with prior convictions are required to contact the Director of Nursing for confidential advisement and planning prior to applying to the program and visit the California Board of Registered Nursing website for general information.

Note: Before initiating the challenge policy for any Nursing course, the student must first meet with the Assistant Director of Nursing and cannot be enrolled in the course that they are planning to challenge.

Application information

EFFECTIVE MARCH 01, 2009 all correspondence between the School of Nursing and applicants on our waitlist will be conducted through email only. Applicants will not receive letters through the postal service any longer. It is extremely important that you maintain a valid email account with the Nursing Office. If you have a Yahoo or Hotmail account, the Nursing Program may not be able to successfully contact you with updated information or with an invitation to the program. Please obtain an alternate email account when applying to the program.

There is a separate application for the Nursing Program from Grossmont College. The application is available in a Microsoft Word or PDF downloadable format that can be completed and submitted with the required documents. The entire 7 page application must be completed in its entirety with all requirements and appropriate documentation submitted as a package in person. The Nursing Program will not accept emailed or mailed applications, unless applying from out of state or out of the San Diego County area.

Official transcripts of all science prerequisite and any of the Nursing major "fixed set" course work for application points must be included in the application packet to the School of Nursing for your application to be complete. If prerequisites were taken at a college not listed on the Equivalency Grid, course descriptions must be included in the packet for consideration.

Official transcripts of all previous college coursework must be sent to Admissions and Records immediately upon accepting an invitation into the Nursing Program.

When you are selected for a class, the Nursing Program will notify you at the most recent email address you have submitted. Any changes in your contact information must be submitted in writing at Verbal changes are not accepted.

Last Updated: 05/26/2015
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