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Lester Bangs Tribute

Abscess Abscess Almost Famous


Berkeley, CA band; Members: Clint Bower, Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles, Joe Allen

Album Note: "Unknown Contributor Role: Lester Bangs."

Damned & Mummified LP (Red Stream, 2005)

Airlines (a.k.a. Burning Airlines)

NYC punk and covers band; Members (1987): Jim DeRogatis, Jim Quinlan, John Tanzer, John Neilson

“Test”/“Ambulance Dance” (Susstones IMS 525-7, 1989); “For Richard”/“Road” (Susstones IMS 536-7, 1989); “Tears” (demo, 1989)

Note: Jim DeRogatis, who left Airlines in 1989 to study journalism, is Lester Bangs's official biographer

Almost Famous

Dir. Cameron Crowe.

Character homage:  Lester Bangs, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman

Dreamworks, 2001. Runtime: 122 min. DVD/Blu-Ray

Bangs! The Rock Show



Bangs! The Rock Show [Bangs! Le Spectacle Rock]

Benjamin Guyot (La compagnie Public Aléa)

Subject matter: U.S. rock music of 1970s and the writings of Lester Bangs

Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, Rennes, France, April 8, 2012

Banzé! [Scamp!]

San Paulo, Brazil; Members: Thadeu Meneghini, Willy, and Marcelo Effori, with Wayne Kramer (MC5)

Track "Tragam me a cabeça de Lester Bangs" ["Bring Me the Head of Lester Bangs"]

Antes de Queda [Before the Fall] LP (Mondo 77, 2008)


Members: Vassily Dimplespider, Mike Eden, Davide Lazonby, Anna Hawkins, Natasha Hawkins, Jim Taylor, Chris Trout, Jamie Wood

Track "Taxi For Lester Bangs"

Schadenfreude LP (Vespertine, 1998)


Carburetor Dung

John Wesley Coleman

Mark Costello and David Foster Wallace

Carburetor Dung (a.k.a. Dung)

Malaysian alternative rock; Members: Fendi Mazlan, Ollie Rasta, Joe Kidd, Lee Pilgrims

"The Allure of Manure," "Songs for Friends," "Sheep Farming in Malaysia," and others

John Wesley Colemen

Track "Life Is Not Worth Living (But Suicide's a Waste of Time)"

Steal My Mind LP (Certified PR Records, 2009)

Written by Lester Bangs

Mark Costello and David Foster Wallace

Signifying Rappers: Rap and Race In the Urban Present.

Ecco Press, 1997. ISBN 9780880015356

Dedication:  "for l. bangs"



Larry O. Dean

Fame, Lady Gaga #2


New Jersey group; Members: Marc Mauritzi, Tom Gerke, Scott Koptiskie, Jake Harmon, and Steve Savona

Track "Lester Bangs"

(Artist Amplification Compilation 6 LP, 2002)

Larry O. Dean

Brief Nudity. [poems]

Salmon Publishing, 2013. ISBN 9781908836403

Part II (p. 46) begins with Lester Bangs inscription

Fame: Lady Gaga (comic book)

Lester Bangs character (transforms into Lady Gaga)

Author: Rafter, Dan; artist: Tess Fowler

Bluewater Productions, 2010. ISBN 9781450700122.


Flying Sandolini



The Flying Sandolini

El Cajon, CA garage band

Track "Where Is the Poet Christ?" (lyrics about Lester Bangs)

Featured in the film A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs (Sandelin Films, 2013)

Free Jazz Punk Rock de Lester Bangs

Presentacion del Libro, Oaxaca, Mexico (Reading and Lecture)

Book by Inti Meza (666 Libros, 2012).

Sponsored by Fantasmagoria Records/666 Satan Ismo Critico

The Gangnails

Czech group

Track "Carburetor Dung"

Can Their Pussies Do The Dogs? LP (Boo Records, 2005)


The Get Down

Ghost of Lester Bangs

Gnarls Barkley

The Get Down

Canadian band (Edmonton, Alberta); Members: Pat Bourne, Kenny Eisenbarth, Gravy, and Ted Wright

Track "Lester Bangs,"

Dirty Power dig EP (Transdigital 66, 2009)

Ghost of Lester Bangs

Long Island, NY post-punk band; Members: Tom Craig, Mike Clyne, Pat Smith, Ian Holohan, Derek Stebel

"…Or Bust" EP (2003), Dead Stop In the Fast Lane LP (2004); "What the Morning'll Let Me Remember" EP (2005), and others

Gnarls Barkley

American Soul duo; Members: Brian Joseph Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse) and CeeLo Green

The Odd Couple (2013); St. Elsewhere (2006); The Odd Couple (2008), and others

"Gnarls Barkley" is a fictional persona characterized as Lester Bangs’s long-time pen-pal Beat friend.


Horrible Noise

How To Be a Rock Critic

Juke Savages

Horrible Noise: The Sights and Smells of Lester Bangs

Playwrights Ray McGahan and Paul Doran

a play for the stage (Ireland, 2010)

How To Be a Rock Critic [a play for the stage]

Playwrights Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank

Center Theater Group, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Kirk Douglas Theater, December 15, 2013

The Juke Savages

Australian power-pop group; Members: Paul Masuak, Chris Erlich, et al

Pagan Rites And Big Juju On The Road To Ascension LP (Phantom Records, 1994)


Juke Savages aka Morrison Jukebox

Kazai Rex

Lester Bangs, Infinite Stretch

The Juke Savages (a.k.a. Morrison Jukebox)

Members: Matt Langone, Jett Harris. Danny Lugo and Dave Morrison

Kazai Rex

Members: Danny Langa, Stacey Capoot, Austin Bauer, Dominick Duhamel, John Higgins

Album Lester Bangs the Drum (Kazai Rex, 2007)

Lester Bangs

Brooklyn (NYC) Production Duo, ACB and pJAYd

album Infinite Stretch (Bandcamp, 2012);

"TracksBad" official music video (Dir. Lucy Bennett).


Lester Bangs, Michigan covers band

Lester Bangs, Wahroonga, Australia

Lester Bangs, Soul 5, Campinas, Brazel

Lester Bangs

Covers band based in Otisville, Michigan; Members: Heather Reetz, Todd Walter, Chris Jankowski, Doug Julian [disbanded in 2011]

Singles: "Gunpowder and Lead" (cover); "Sweet Child of Mine" (cover); "Come To My Window" (cover)

Lester Bangs

Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia

Tracks "Triple H Interview," "I'm Not Alone" and others (2008)

Lester Bangs / SOUL 5

Campinas, Brazil, covers band; Members: Bruno Mothé; Rafael Smeke; Maú Santos; Sezão Niggaz

Tracks: "Hit the Road, Jack"; "Rehab"; "Let's Get It On"; and others


The Lester Bangs

Lester Bangs, Padova, Veneto, Italy

Lester and The Bangs

The Lester Bangs

Rock Hill, South Carolina; Members: Nick Samson, Zander Aycock, Ryan Fosnow

Tracks "Radioactive Love" and "Hippie Killer"  (2012); "Mutant Noise" (2011); others

The Lester Bangs

Padova, Veneto, Italy; Members: Giacomo "Platz" Piatto, Benedetto "Ben" Zaccaria, Andrea "Del" Delucchi, Filippo "Phil" Delucchi, Jacopo "JS" Scarabello

EP Tic Tac Toe (2013) and other

Lester and the Bangs

El Sol (Madrid), Spain: Members: Juancho Lopez, Mario Alvarez, Anibal Sanchez, and Daniel Viloria

Tracks: “Kid,” “DM3,” “Radio, Radio,” “I Want You Back,” and others

Lester Bangs' Theory

Lester Bangs' Theory

Conway, Arkansas; manager Edward Briggler's style of songwriting, "Brilliant in its lackluster existence," dedicated to the "gonzo" composition style of the band's namesake.

Tracks: "Towers" (2010), Atomic Heart EP (2011), and others

Note the ironic name of the city where Briggler is based.


Lou Dog

Richard Meltzer


Maryland band; Members: Dave Hershey, Marc Feliciano, Curt, and Rebecca

Track "Bastard Son of Carburetor Dung"

"Write Me a Poem" 7" single (Sympathy For the Record Industry, 1994)

Lou Dog

Track "The Birth of Cool (For Lester Bangs)"

61 Old Depot LP (Betty Jane Records, 2004)

Richard Meltzer

Poem "Goodbye Porkpie Cravat" (poem about Lester Bangs)

Autumn Rhythm: Musings on Time, Tide, Aging, Dying, and Such Biz (DaCapo Press, 2003): pp. 131-132. ISBN 9780306813818

Keith Moline Nasty On New Improved Jook Savages

Keith Moliné

Crritic! CD (Entr'acte, 2014; limited edition of 200)

Two interlocking pieces (in three tracks) dedicated to Hans Keller and Lester Bangs.

Note: Keith Moliné is a former Pere Ubu member and critic for The Wire magazine.

Nasty On

Members: Jason Grimmer, Allen Forrister, Matthew Lyons, and Chad Mareels

Track "Lester Bangs"

"Lester Bangs" EP (Stutter Records, 2000)

(New Improved) Jook Savages

Members: Dave Morton, Ira Kamin, Bill Bowen, Arthur Indenbaum, with R. Moon, Desda,  Bobby Z, and Krishna Fats

Note:  Included here as a "reverse" tribute, this is the original 1960s jugband that inspired the title of the 1981 Lester Bangs and the Delinquents album, Jook Savages On the Brazos.

Ofo Am

Population 5

The Ramones

ÖfÖ Am

Stoner rock band based in Montpellier, France; Members: Kryïss ÖfÖ, Nikkko Beatnik, Tony Broke

Track "Carburetor Dung"

Psychotic Reactions Compilation LP (Head Records, 2010)

Population 5

Members: Sam Griffin-Ortiz, Emma Griffin-Ortiz, Zakk Colburn, Ellis Lindenthal, Harrison Spencer

Track "Lester Bangs"

The New Obscurity LP (P5 Music, 2011)

The Ramones

Members: Ian Wilson, Russell Mael, Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dick Emerson, Dave Hassel, Graham Gouldman, Joey Ramone

Track "It's Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)"

Pleasant Dreams LP (Sire, 1981); lyric references Lester Bangs)


Red Dark Sweet



Members: Charles Carpenter Ricker III, Tylor Steven Richmond, Benjamin Edward Scarlett, and David Joseph Kopsick

Track "Lester Bangs"

I Doubt You'll Be Ready By Winter LP (Reader, 2011)

Red Dark Sweet

Members: Andrew Klimek (a.k.a., Klimeyk), Charlotte Pressler, Frank Bogan

Track "Lester Is Going To Hell"

(unknown album, performed live circa 1982)


Members: Mike Mills, Bill Berry, Peter Holsapple, Peter Buck, Michael Stipe

Track "End Of the World As We Know It"

Document LP (I.R.S. Records, 1987); lyric references Lester Bangs


Mike Rep and The Quotas

Ariel Rosenberg

Rob Seger

Mike Rep and The Quotas

Members: Michael Hummel, Tommy Jay, Jerry Felty, Jen Eling, Nudge Squidfish

Track (cover) "Fade Away" (written by Lester Bangs)

Stupor Hiatus Vol. 2 (Siltbreeze, 1992) 

Ariel Rosenberg [a.k.a. Ariel Pink]

Track "'Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs)"

Thrash And Burn: Pre LP (Human Ear Music, 2013)

Bob Seger

Track "Lester Knew"


Sic F*cks

Sir Jack and The Grandma Modes

Slow Slushy Boys

Sic F*cks

Members: Crispin Cioe, Arno Hecht, Paul Litteral

Sic F*cks EP (Sozyamuda Records, 1982); Produced by Andy Shernoff

Dedication: "In loving memory of John Belushi and Lester Bangs"

Sir Jack and the Grandma Modes

Members: Jack Lester, Percival Treehorne, Majo Modes, Pato Modes, Bernie Lomax

Track "Lester Bangs"

(Inflatable Experience LP, 2011)

Slow Slushy Boys

French rock band; Members: Michael Breiller, Alain Gerber, Lester Girard, Benny Gordini, Axel Oliveres, Tello Maybe, Denis Oliveres, Evan Castelo

"Lester Bangs"

Pretty Monsters LP (Larsen Recordz, 1992)

Slumlords Sterling Bruce, Supraluxe


Baltimore group: Doug Williams, Scott Powers, Dominic Romeo, Jeff Perlin,

Track "Lester Bangs"

On the Stremph LP (Lockin' Out Records, 2006)

Bruce Sterling

Short fiction "Dori Bangs" [alternate-reality tale about Bangs and underground cartoonist Dori Seda; references fictional Bangs novel A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise]

first publication: Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 13.7 (September 1989)


Members: Bob Burns, Jim Risser, Rich Pearson

"Lester Bangs"

The Super Sounds of Supraluxe LP (Supraluxe, 2011)

Thee Dark Ages

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille

Thee Dark Ages

El Cajon, CA band; Members: Jerry Raney; Jack Butler; Bob Friedman; Chuck Surface

Track "LB Stick To Your Guns?"

Featured in the film A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs (Sandelin Films, 2013)

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Members: Ron House; Bob Petrick; Ted Hattemer, Craig "Big Dad" Dunson

Track: "El Cajon" [homage to Bangs]

Straight To Video (Anyway, 1997)

Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille

Members: Suzanne Combeaud (a.k.a. Mlle Suzanne Combo), +2

"Lester Bangs"

"I Need A Kiss" 7" single (Born Bad Records, 2008)


The Tunas

Rob Tyner


Members: Sean Tollefson, Jeff Fell, Chris Munford, Corianton Hale, Jenny Mears

Track "If You Take Away the Make-Up (Then the Vampires Will Die)"; lyric references Lester Bangs

Every Scene Needs a Center LP (Magic Marker Records, 2007)

The Tunas

Garage punk band based in Italy; Members: Riccardo Frabetti, Davide Montevecchi, Lorenzo Velardi, Luca Donigaglia, Erica Preli

Track "Lester Bangs Is Dead" ("Feathered Fish" 7" single; Primitive Records, 2011)

Rob Tyner

Members: Rob Tyner (a.k.a. Robert Derminer), Pete Bankert, Joey Gaydos, Fred Schmidt

Blood Brothers LP/CD (R&A Records,1990)

Dedication: "In loving memory of Lester Bangs"

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