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Selected Lester Bangs Media

What’s on this page?

This page contains a selected bibliography of Lester Bangs media on the internet (primarily YouTube). Categories include...

Selected Media Channels and Playlists
Miscellaneous Multimedia

For an illustrated catalogue of official and unofficial Lester Bangs releases, visit Discography. To stream the full-length documentary, Box Full Of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs, visit Videography.



Lester Bangs Playlist YouTube Channel 

Lester Bangs and The Delinquents YouTube Channel 

Captain Beefheart/Lester Bangs Music Channel 


Lester Bangs interview (Jim DeRogatis)
duration: 00:05:32
Presented April 23, 2014 before the screening of Almost Famous, at Chicago's Music Box Theatre
Lester Bangs Interview (Sue Matthews)
duration: 01:28:51 min
Sue Matthews interviews Lester Bangs, May 13, 1980. Full interview.

Lester Bangs on The Beatles 
Published on Mar 2, 2015
duration: 00:00:58
source:JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern (YouTube)

Village Voice music writer Lester Bangs opines about Beatlemania, nostalgia, and John Lennon; originally film in 1981, and sourced from a 1982 show, FM-TV.

Lester Bangs on Jethro Tull 
Published on Feb 27, 2014
duration: 00:00:54
source: QuizzVid (YouTube)
Lester Bangs's commentary on Jethro Tull, excerpted from the 1974 UK Rock music series, All You Need Is Love (dir. Tony Palmer).

Lester Bangs on Music and Celebrities 
duration: 00:02:01
Topics: Rock, same old music; Brian Ferry; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; waiting for the Renaissance.

Lester Bangs on Technology in Music
duration: 1:43 min. 
Late night radio program featuring Lester Bangs commenting on musical miscegenation
duration: 1:03 min.

Lester Bangs versus Bryan Ferry 
duration: 3:20 min
Short segment from a 70s British documentary called 'All You Need is Love' featuring rock critic Lester Bangs's critical commentary.

Robert Christgau Interview (Rock 'n' Roll Animal)
Part 1 
duration: 00:09:41
Part 2 
duration: 00:09:10
Part 3 
duration: 00:04:59
Part 4 
duration: 00:07:41
Documentary portrait of esteemed music journalist Robert Christgau directed by Paul Lovelace in 1999. Features musicians Jon Langford, Arto Lindsay and Modest Mouse and writers Georgia Christgau, Anthony DeCurtis, Carola Dibbell, Nelson George, Richard Goldstein, Joe Levy, Ann Powers, John Rockwell, Eric Weisbard and Ellen Willis.

Photographer Bob Gruen Interview (RAWTalk)
RAWTalk. “An Interview with Bob Gruen: John and Yoko's Person Photographer.” RAWTalk #40 18 Jun 2013. 
duration: 00:56:04
A filmed radio interview with New York photographer Bob Gruen, who chronicled the heyday of Rock and Roll, captured Lester Bangs during his New York years, and became John Lennon and Yoko Ono's personal photographer.


lectures, trailers, dramatizations, etc. 

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me [documentary film trailer] 
duration: 00:02:23
source: Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing, 2012
Trailer for a feature-length documentary about legendary Memphis band Big Star. Contains video segment of a 1970s interview with Lester Bangs, in which Bangs equates Memphis rock band Big Star with The Beatles.
CREEM Magazine in Birmingham: Pop Cultural Mayhem, Rock Stars and Lester Bangs 
duration: 01:16:58
source: Baldwin Public Library, 2014
Leslie Pielack, Director of the Birmingham Historical Museum, leads a lecture and discussion about rock music and CREEM Magazine

Lester Bangs - Libri Rock 'n Roll - Recensione 
duration: 00:02:55
source: YouTube 
JacknRoll's 2014 tongue-in-cheek Italian language book review of Lester Bangs's Impubblicabile! (the Italian translation by A. Mioni, of Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste and Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung).
Lester Bangs: Lou Reed v. Lester Bangs 
duration: 00:11:46
source: Vimeo (French language only), Public Alea, 2011
A pastiche of a 1974 conversation between Lou Reed and Lester Bangs; a teaser for an unreleased French film dramatizing the life of Lester Bangs.
How to be a Rock Critic 
duration: 00:01:06
source: Center Theatre Group
Actor Erik Jensen's excerpt as Lester Bangs in How to be a Rock Critic, a co-production with South Coast Repertory staged at the Center Theatre Group's Kirk Douglas Theatre in June 2015.
Lester Bangs Obituary (dramatic recreation) 
duration: 00:04:02
A tribute montage to Lester Bangs using archival film clips and a reporting style narration. 
Ricky Shore Vlog #143 
duration: 00:03:26
Ricky Shore comments on Lester Bangs, Velvet Underground, and Pauline Kael.
Rock and Roll and Lester Bangs 
duration: 00:01:26
source: Vimeo, Tom Law, 2013 
A collaborative short animation by Jason Reicher and Tom Law, created for CalArts Rock and Roll and Movies class.
A Tribute to Lester Bangs 
duration: 00:04:40
A collection of quotes and video footage of Lester Bangs; songs includes I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges.

Who Coined the Term, Grunge? 
duration: 00:01:08
source: Ongoing History of New Music, 2015
Hosted by Alan Cross, this video factoid looks at the questionable origins of the term, grunge, and its possibly erroneously attribution to Lester Bangs.




Let It Blurt 7-inch single A-side (1977)
3:38 min. 

Live (Let It Blurt 7-inch single B-Side, 1977)
3:49 min. 
Sister Ray 7 flexi disc EP (1990)


Accidents Of God
4:08 min. 
Fade Away
2:28 min.  
I Just Want To Be a Movie Star
4:57 min. 

I'm In Love With My Walls
2:49 min. 
Life Is Not Worthy Living (But Suicide Is a Waste of Time)
2:52 min. 
Nuclear War
2:20 min. 


Accidents Of God
3:05 min. 
Fade Away
2:15 min. 

God Sends Grace (rehearsal tape; Lester Bangs/ Mickey Leigh)
duration: 2:43 min.
I Fought the Law
2:05 min. 
I'm In Love With My Walls
2:20 min. 
Kill Him Again
2:50 min. 
The Killer
3:50 min. 
Let All Come Down (Lester Bangs/ Mickey Leigh)
duration: 2:43 min. 
Let All Come Down (alt)
2:40 min. 

Loneliness (Mickey Leigh's New Yorkestra; written by Mickey Leigh and Lester Bangs)
duration: 4:06 min. 
Textbook Case
3:15 min. 
There's a Man In There
3:40 min. 
Time Has Come Today [OfficialMickeyLeigh lost demo]
duration: 00:02:25 


Cry Your Blues Away (My True Story)
1:19 min. 
Drugstore Cowboy
1:41 min. 
G'Bye Lou
4:04 min. 
G'Bye Lou Too
1:34 min. 
G'Bye Lou Three
1:57 min. 
I'm So Bored
2:17 min. 
Lester Ray
4:28 min. 
Little Bit of Heaven
6:15 min. 
Random Banter / Like a Rolling Stone [fragment]
1:01 min. 
3:21 min. 

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