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Nancy Two

Nancy Two [unpublished]

Lester Bangs]

Our bond is strong.
Somehow the others never seem to apply,...
[Complete lyrics are extant.]


Derogatis, Jim. Let it Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic.

Last Updated: 08/29/2016


"Nancy Two" is written about former girlfriend Nancy Alexander, whom Lester met in Detroit in 1974. Using as a basis for comparison Lester's earlier love poems and letters written to his El Cajon paramours Tamara (see "Letters") and Andi Di Guglielmo, it's fair to say "Nancy Two" is a poem as much as a love song. After Lester's exodus from California, Nancy Alexander was his first serious, long-term relationship. In the fall of 1976, the couple left Detroit and took an apartment together in Manhattan, but their rocky relationship ended by summer of 1977. Nancy and Lester remained close friends, and it was clear to all who knew Lester that he was still deeply in love with her. In effect, his subsequent relationships were often continuing, fleeting searches for the next "Nancy" (i.e., "Nancy" number 2). 

Like the lyrics for "Poo Pants," also written for Nancy Alexander, these lyrics were probably not slated for performance, much less recording and production, but, then again,...

While the lyrics are known to exist because of references in Bangs's letters and other sources, these two lines are the only bit of the song available, included in Jim DeRogatis's biography of Lester. If you have information about the complete song lyrics, please contact the GC Lester Bangs archivist. Many thanks!

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