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I'm So Bored

I'm So Bored


Lester Bangs and Peter Laughner 

I get so f**kin' bored
all of the time.
So f**kin' bored
I could go out of my mind.
And you're standing there
with your Dior[1] sunglasses on,
and, well, I'm still f**kin' bored
and I'll still be f**kin' bored
after you're gone.
I get so f**kin' bored
at everything that comes down.
And you know that I've driven
in and out of every kind of town.
I did my best, and you're sittin' there
with your typewriter on.[2] 
I'm so f**kin' bored
but I'll still be f**kin' bored
after you're gone.
Yeah, and it helps get . . .
Makes me wanna
get up and jump.
There's some other kind of people
make me feel like I am
six years old, and I
just come down with mumps[3]
and the doctor tells me
I'm allergic to penicillin,[4]
and I can't get nothin'
to cure me up.
Ah, you know, I gotta
lie there in bed and
eat those comic books up.[5]
I'm so f**kin' bored
all of the time.
[No wonder.]
So f**kin' bored
[Wrap yourself up alongside the head, boy.]
I could go out of my mind.
And you're standing there
with your Dior sunglasses on,
well, I'm still f**kin' bored
that I'll still be f**kin' bored
after you're gone.
I'm still f**kin' bored
that I'll still be f**kin' bored
after you're gone.
You know they could tell me Jackie Onassis[6] is coming over to see me
with Dr. Feelgood,[7] and I'd still be bored,
I'd still be bored
after you're gone.


The Creem Office Sessions bootleg cassette, MP3 disc
Track §2
WFMU (1975-1976), New Jersey; MP3 disc (2007)
Note: The Creem Office Sessions (a.k.a., The famous Lester Bangs Session) were recorded live in the Creem Offices in 1978, without the benefits of a recording studio or a sound engineer. In the tradition of the jam session, the content of these recordings, including lyrics and music, are largely improvisational and, while the lyrics have been transcribed as faithfully as possible, they are at times notably ad libbed. In addition to forgiving the periodic lapses that occur in these particular transcriptions because of the source's poor sound quality or garbled diction, readers are encouraged to overlook the occasional incoherence of these lyrics as well.

Transcription by Lester Bangs Archive management, 2013.

Last Updated: 08/29/2016


[1] Christian Dior: famous French founder of the Dior Fashion House in 1946; a staple of sophisticated fashion, even now.

[2] "typewriter on": The lyric refers here to an electric typewriter switched "on." At home, Bangs kept a manual typewriter at the ready, and on occasions brought his portable typewriter with him to the performances so that he could compose his reviews right there on the stage.

[3] "come down with mumps": While there is no official record of Lester Bangs having succumbed to mumps at the age of six, his eighteen-year-old father, Conway Bangs, contracted the illness while serving a decade-long jail term for assault with intent to murder.

[4] "allergic to penicillin": No evidence exists that Lester was allergic to penicillin.

[5] In his youth, Lester was notoriously devoted to comic books. In fact, it's widely documented that, as a pre-teen, Bangs experienced his first sexual encounter at the hands of a predator promising him comic books in exchanged for sexual favors. After moving to New York in 1976, Bangs took a more active role in punk photo-comics, starting with Punk magazine's fourth issue featuring Bangs and punk-rocker "Handsome Dick Manitoba" (a.k.a. Richard Blum) in an all-star wrestling sparring match, and later as a character in John Holmstrom's Mutant Monster Beach Party alongside Joey Ramone, Debra Harry, Andy Warhol, and many other rock dignitaries associated with CBGBs.

[6] Jackie Onassis: Jacqueline Bouvier, who later became one of the most famous First Ladies in the history of the American presidency. After the assassination of her husband, John F. Kennedy, she later remarried Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis. Over the course of her life, Jackie Onassis carried a reputation for unerring fashion sense, as well as the enduring ethos of being JFK's widow.

[7] Dr. Feelgood: 1971 British pub band, who recorded under the name "Dr. Feelgood and the Interns." They released their first album, Down By the Jetty, in 1974.

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