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I Just Want to Be a Movie Star

I Just Want to Be a Movie Star[1]


Brian Curley, Halsey Taylor, Mindy Curley, Andy Fuertsch, and Becky Bickham

I know I ain't not Brigitte Bardot.[2]
I know I ain't no Marlon Brando,[3]
but I don't wanna sleep under the bar.
I just wanna be a movie star.
I know this ain't the pertiest face
in the history of the human race,
but I'm tired of sleeping under the bar.
I just wanna be a movie star.
If they would just gimme one chance,
I'm sure that I could learn this dance.
I'm so sick of sleeping under that bar,
I just wanna be a movie star.
Movie star!!
No more old burner car.
Girls up the kazoo.
Merv Griffin[4] talkin' to you.
I gotta lotta jokes I could tell.
Take out my shoes. They look real swell.
I'm so sick of sleeping under that bar,
I just wanna be a movie star.
I know I ain't no Brigitte Bardot.
I know I ain't no Marlon Brando,
but I don't wanna sleep under the bar.
I just wanna be a movie star.

[spoken] Yeah, I'm movin' out!

Malibu, here I come.
Here all comes the biggest thang you ever seen.
I'm gonna be bigger than Bob Denver[5]
Bigger than Larry Stark.[6]
Bigger than Vance Parker.[7]
You just watch me.
As soon as get that new . . . that new haircut on me.
I'm gonna have to head 'em off like a stampede,
cocaine, little piece of groupees.
They still drink javas like Henry Kissinger did.[8]
Yeah, I'm off. I'm a-leavin' here now.
What? What's that?
You'll give me another drink if I shut up?
All right, I'll take it.
[sung] I'm so sick of sleepin' under that bar,
I just want to be a movie star.

[comically crying] 



Jook Savages On the Brazos, LP, CD 
Track §5
LP: Live Wire Records, LW-3 (1981); CD: Moll Tonträger [GER], Moll 6 (1995); CD: re-issue: Live Wire Records, LW-20 (2009)

Live Wire Compilation, Cassette 
Track A§4 
Live Wire Records, Trash Publishing, LW15 (1988)


Transcription by Lester Bangs Archive management, 2013.

Last Updated: 08/29/2016

[1] In high school, Lester Bangs took an active membership in the drama club, even though this went against the strict wishes of his Jehovah's Witness mother. That theatrical personality remained with him for the rest of his life.

[2] Brigitte Bardot: French fashion model turned screen star during the 1950s and 60s, regarded as one of the most notable sex symbols of the twentieth century; later in life, she became an animal rights activist.

[3] Marlon Brando: American star of stage and screen, famous for Last Tango in Paris, A Streetcar Named Desire, and many others.

[4] Merv Griffin: American actor and talk show host who built a Hollywood media empire, Griffin Enterprises, posthumously celebrated for his gay relationships with actors Rock Hudson, Marlon Brando, and others; during the 1990s, he was the focus of a high-profile palimony suit.

[5] Bob Denver: American character actor best known for playing beatnik Maynard G. Krepps in the Dobie Gillis series, and Gilligan in the 1960s Sherwood Schwartz sitcom, Gilligan's Island.

[6] Larry Stark: Bangs-era Boston journalist and theater critic, renowned as the "Dean of the Alternative Theater Critics."

[7] Vance Parker: alias of actor Chris Malcolm, who played Brad Majors in the original stage version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and later Shock Treatment (a loosely related sequel). Rocky Horror Picture Show was at the height of its popularity during the Jook Savages era.

[8] Henry Kissinger: German-born U.S. Secretary of State during the administrations of Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford, who, during the Cold War, pioneered the policy of detente with the former Soviet Union.

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