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Illustrated Discography








Solo Releases

1977 No Truth EP Ork Records Press Release photo
1977 No Truth EP Ork Records unreleased

No Truth EP

7-inch EP Ork Records (1977)*
*Note: Funds were exhausted before Ork Records completed the EP, and the project went to Spy Records, released in 1979 as the “Let It Blurt”/“Live” 7” single.  (See below.)

Vocals: Lester Bangs
Drums: J. D. Dougherty
Guitars: Bob Quine, Jody Harris
Bass: David Hofstra 
Recorded at  Big Apple Studios, New York, NY, May 1977

01. No Truth
02. Flesh For Sale
03. Live
04. People Don’t Wait
05. Feel So Bad
06. Total Destruction To Your Mind 

Tracks 1-4, written by Lester Bangs
Track 5, written by James “Little Milton” Campbell, Jr.
Track 6, written by Jerry Williams, Jr. (a.k.a. Swamp Dogg)

Let It Blurt obverse 7 inch single 1979
Let It Blurt reverse 7inch single 1979
Let It Blurt / Live
7-inch single: Spy Records Ltd., SPY 003 (1979)
Vocals: Lester Bangs
Bass: David Hofstra
Drums: Jay Dee Daugherty
Guitar: Jody Harris, Robert Quine
Published by Jamrag Music Ltd. / Andrea Virgin Music
Produced by: Jay Dee Dougherty
Mixed By: John Cale
Recorded at  Big Apple Studios, New York, NY, 1977

1. Let It Blurt (3:32)


2. Live (3:37)

Track 1 written by Lester Bangs, Robert Quine, Jody Harris, and David Hofstra
Track 2 written by Lester Bangs, Robert Quine, and Jody Harris 



with Peter Laughner

The Creem Office Sessions bootleg obverse 1975-1976
Peter Laughner portrait
The Creem Office Sessions [bootleg]
CAS: WFMU (1975-1976), New Jersey
MP3: (2007)
Recorded in the offices of Creem Magazine, 1975-1976
Note: error on cover, Laughner is misspelled "LAUGNNER"

01. Drugstore Cowboy (1:41)
02. I'm So Bored (2:17)
03. G'Bye Lou (4:04)
04. G'Bye Lou Too (1:34)
05. G'Bye Lou Three (1:57)
06. Cry Your Blues Away (My True Story) (1:19)
07. Little Bit of Heaven (6:15)
08. Random Banter / Like a Rolling Stone [fragment] (1:01)
09. Seventeen (3:21)
10. Lester Ray (4:28)
11. Pale Blue Eyes (11:41)†
Tracks 1-7, and 9, written by Peter Laughner with lyrics by Lester Bangs
Track 8, "Like a Rolling Stone" written by Bob Dylan
Tracks 10-11, written by Lou Reed, with added and improvisational lyrics by Lester Bangs
Note: Track 11 is unpublished and not included in the WFMU bootleg release

with The Delinquents

Jook Savages On the Brazos LP alt cover obverse 1981 Jook Savages On the Brazos LP reverse
Jook Savages On the Brazos LP label, Side 1 Jook Savages On the Brazos LP label Side 2
Jook Savages On the Brazos CD disc 2009 Jook Savages CD leaflet rev
Jook Savages On the Brazos CD rev Jook Savages On the Brazos CD inside cover
Jook Savages On the Brazos
LP: Live Wire Records, LW-3 (1981)
CD: Moll Tonträger [GER], Moll 6 (1995)
CD: re-issue: Live Wire Records, LW-20 (2009)

Lead Vocals, Harmonica: Lester Bangs
Bass, Guitar: Brian Curley
Drums: Halsey Taylor
Keyboards: Mindy Curley
Lead Guitar: Andy Fuertsch
Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals: Becky Bickham

Published by Trash Publishing, BMI, 1980
Produced by Lester Bangs and Brian Curley
Engineered by Dan Dryden
Recorded at Earth and Sky Studios, Austin Texas, Dec. 1980


01. I'm in Love With My Walls (2:52)
02. Life Is Not Worth Living (But Suicide's
a Waste of Time) (2:56)
03. Accidents of God (4:11)
04. Legless Bird (3:44)
05. I Just Want to Be a Movie Star (5:01)
06. Nuclear War (2:21)
07. Grandma's House (3:46)
08. Kill Him Again (4:27)
09. Fade Away (2:41)
10. Day of the Dead (2:59)
11. Give Up the Ghost (3:51) 

All tracks written by Lester Bangs and The Delinquents, except
Tracks 1 and 3: Written by Lester Bangs, The Delinquents, and Mitch Leigh Hyman (a.k.a. Mickey Leigh)
Track 5: Written by The Delinquents
Track 6: Written by Lester Bangs, The Delinquents, and Jeff Whittington
Track 7: Written by Dale Hawkins



with Birdland

Birdland LP cover obverse 1986 Birdland LP cover reverse 1986
Birdland CD insert 1998 Birdland CD 1998
Birdland With Lester Bangs
LP: Add On Records, AD#101 (1986)
LP, CD reissue: Dionysus Records, Bacchus Archives 1118 (1998)

Vocals: Lester Bangs
Bass: David Merrill
Bass: Dave U. Hall
Drums: Matty Quick
Guitar: Mickey Leigh

Liner notes (CD only): Jim DeRogatis
Engineered by: Brad Samuelsohn
Mastered by: Jack Skinner
Mixed by: Ed Stasium
Recorded by: Frank Gallagher and Rick Schneider
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York, New York (April 1, 1979)


01. Textbook Case (3:15)
02. Kill Him Again (2:50)
03. I'm In Love With My Walls (2:20)
04. Fade Away (2:15)
05. Accidents Of God (3:05)
06. I Fought The Law (2:05)
07. Let All Come Down (2:40)
08. The Killer (3:50)
09. There's A Man In There (3:40)


Compilations and Miscellany

Peter Dougherty Fales Library & Special Collections
Peter Dougherty: The Fale Library & Special Collections
"I Sold My Body"* / "Let it Blurt"
Saginaw Auditorium; 90 min.; Demo: 1/4 in. cass. (1 Jan. 1979)†
*mislabeled as "I Sold My Babe" in the Fales Library catalog
†erroneously dated "1 Jan. 1970" in the Fales Library catalog

Vocals: Lester Bangs
Drums: J.D. Dougherty
Guitar: Bob Quine
Guitar: Dave Hofstra [omitted from the Fales catalog]

The Peter Dougherty Collection, 1965 - 2001
Fales Library and Special Collections, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South, New York City, New York 10012

Side A: MC5
Ramblin Rose
Human Being Lawnmower
Rocket Reducer #62
It's a Man's World
Teenage Lust
Looking at You
Five of Love
Shakin' Street
Kick Out the Jams
Side B: Lester Bangs
I Sold My Babe [sic]
Let it Blurt
Lester Bangs Live at CBGBs Jun 12-14 1977Lester Bangs Live at CBGB's [bootleg cassette]
New York City, NY; amateur audiocassette (12-14 June 1977)*
Note: This bootleg recording features the set performed by Lester Bangs and his band during a three-night residency at CBGB's, June 12 to June 14, 1977, which includes, both, original songs and covers—some of which were planned as studio recordings for release by Ork Records on a Lester Bangs EP.

Vocals: Lester Bangs
Guitars: Robert Quine, Jody Harris
Bass: David Hofstra
Drums: Jay Dee Daugherty

1. Intro / In My Room
2. Feel So Bad
3. Flesh for Sale
4. I Sold My Body (by the Pound)
5. Let It Blurt
6. Bony Moronie
7. Live
8. Anarch of the Covenant
9. (untitled)
10. TV Eye
11. Five to One 
All tracks written by Lester Bangs, except
Track 2, written by Sam Hopkins
Track 6, written by Larry Williams (a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood)
Track 10, written by Iggy Pop/The Stooges
Track 11, written by Jim Morrison/The Doors

The Other volume 2 cassette obverse cover The Other volume 2, inside leaflet
The Other Vol. 2
"Kill Him Again" (Lester Bangs & The Delinquents) B §1
Cassette Compilation: The Other cassette magazine #2 (1983)
Produced by George Parsons and Mikhail Graham

Complete Tracks:

Side A
01. Don't Know If I Care [Jandek] (2:30)
02. Monada (Bacterium) [Nightcrawlers] (4:30)
03. Hothead [Antic Frantic] (2:03)
04. Eat My House [Einstein's Riceboys] (4:10)
05. Mary Magdalene [Game Theory] (2:59)
06. Daydream [Leinst] (3:18)
07. On the Horizon [Forrest Fang] (2:46)
08. A Conversation [John Trubee]* (1:00)
09. La Belle Dame Sans Merci [Grossman] (3:21)
10. Who Me? [No Thanks] (1:32)
11. Bowling for Food [Earth Dies Burning] (1:51)
12. I Wasn't Born [Some Philharmonic] (2:20)
13. She Want's [sic] No Alibis [Rich Labonte] (3:20)
14. Alice Relieves Her Piddle Instinct/Love Theme from The Fellators/Alice
Ravaged by Donkey Kong/Kong's Dong Attaining Cheerios Nirvana
[Zoogz Rift] (2:44)
15. The Lady Is No Lady [Plasticland] (2:03)
16. Any Day Now [Velvet Monkeys] (2:48) 
Side B
01. Kill Him Again [Lester Bangs and the Delinquents] (4:27)
02. Things Haven Gotta Change [Rebel Truth] (2:05)
03. Sex With Godd [Bliss Blast] (1:50)
04. Cowrie Shells [The Pool] (3:48)
05. Snail Headed Victrolas [Amber Route] (5:40)
06. Peace & Love [John Trubee] (1:43)
07. Scrag Nok Ragni [Ed McHuman and the Pajama Ranchers] (0:58)
08. Hey Joe [No-Y-Z] (1:33)
09. I Think It's Time To Drop the Bomb Again [The Fatalitees] (1:47)
10. If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You When Your Car Breaks Down You Know
Her Love Is True [Michael Profane] (3:10)
11. Fakma [Decibel] (3:35)
12. Evacuate [Atomic Thinkers] (2:30)
13. For a Friend [Obscuritans] (2:43)
14. Dead Friends [Final Notice] (4:34)
15. Living Inside [Mikail Graham] (3:54)
Homework 9 CD sleeve
Homework 9 DIY Punkwave cd disc
Homework #9: "DIY" and Punkwave LP Cuts A, B, and C
Lester Bangs and The Delinquents §1 "I'm In Love With My Wall"
Birdland with Lester Bangs §15 "Kill Him Again"

CD-R Compilation: Homework/Hyped To Death Records #68 (1977-1986)
01. Lester Bangs & The Delinquents ("I'm In Love With My Walls")
02. Bonemen of Barumba
03. Chalk Circle
04. Christmas
05. Black Cat Bone
06. Asbestos Rockpyle
07. Citizen 23
08. Artyard
09. Big Boys
10 Christmas
11. Agitpop
12. Craig Bevan & The Tourists
13. ALRN [Scott Miller pre-Game Theory]
14. B Team
15. Birdland w/Lester Bangs ("Kill Him Again")
16. Cubes
17. Colorplates
18. Bonemen of Barumba
19. Crippled Pilgrims
20. BPA
21. Bob
22. Amoebas in Chaos
23. Craig Bevan
24. Chalk Circle
25. Citizen 23
26. Crap Detectors
27. Crystallized Movements
Livewire Compilation cassette label obverse Livewire Compilation cassette label reverse
Live Wire Compilation
"(I Want To Be a) Movie Star" (Lester Bangs & The Delinquents) A §4
"Kill Him Again" (Lester Bangs & The Delinquents) A §5
"Sister Ray" (Lester Bangs, Brian Curley, Melinda Curley, David Frenkels) A§14
"There's a Man In There" (Brian Curley and Melinda Curley) B§9

Cassette Compilation: Live Wire Records, Trash Publishing, LW15 (1988)
Produced by Brian S. Curley
Note: Track A §14, recorded Thanksgiving Day, 1981

Complete Tracks:

Side A 
01. Alien Beach Party [The Delinquents]
02. Beach Balls In Hell [The Delinquents]
03. Food Free Food [The Delinquents]
04. Movie Star [Lester Bangs and The Delinquents]
05. Kill Him Again [Lester Bangs and The Delinquents]
06. The Fog [Final Notice]
07. Dead Friends [Final Notice]
08. The Beast [Roky Erickson and Evil Hook Wildlife E.T.]
09. Dead In The Cell [27 Devils Joking]
10. Suburban Trauma [27 Devils Joking]
11. Night Is Not Bad [Pelvic Thrust]
12. Monkey Jumps [Brian S. Curley]
13. Lonely Axe Song [Brian S. Curley]
14. Sister Ray [Lester Bangs, Brian Curley, Melinda Curley, and David Frenkel]
Side B 
01. Out Of My Mind [Tied Inknots]
02. Wrong Ear [27 Devils Joking]
03. Indian Joe [27 Devils Joking]
04. Can't Help It [Psycho Desert Rangers]
05. House Made Of Dawn [Psycho Desert Rangers]
06. Leaky Roof [Brian S. Curley and Jamie Bigelow]
07. Wally George [Brian S. Curley and Jamie Bigelow]
08. When Birds Scream [B. Curley, J. Bigelow]
09. There's A Man In There [Brian Curley and Melinda Curley]
10. What's In The Sack [Brian Curley and Melinda Curley]
11. Southend Blues [Brian S. Curley and Mirian Sagan]
12. Scum [Robert Sycamore and Brian S.Curley]
Throat Culture #2 cover Lester Bangs Tribute issue
Lester Bangs Sister Ray flexi disc
Throat Culture Flexi-Disc
"Sister Ray" (Lester Bangs, Brian Curley, Melinda Curley, and David Frenkel) Side A §1
7-inch flexi disc EP, Throat Culture 2 (1990)


Side A
01. Sister Ray (Lester Bangs)
02. Midnight Train (Honeymoon Killers)
Side B
03. The Mercury Girl (Cleaners from Venus)
04. Takin' a Ride (The Blisters)
Musikexpress 32 lp sleeve obverse
Musikexpress 32 lp cover reverse
Musikexpress 32
"Accidents Of God" (Lester Bangs and The Delinquents) §11

promo CD Compilation: Clearspot / Moll Tonträger, Germany, musikexpress32 (1999)
Note: CD insert, Musikexpress Sounds 524 (September 1999)
01. Plexiq [Nixon To Kick Around] (2:36)
02. Silverbullit [Money] (4:10)
03. Consolidated [Ventana] (4:10)
04. Mushroom [Rackets] (5:15)
05. Amstrong [Then Gone Too Soon] (3:46)
06. Willy Schwarz [Masters] (4:12)
07. 22 Pistepirkko [Don't Go Home, Joe] (3:50)
08. Tim Isfort Orchester [Die Ganze Zeit] (4:23)
09. Flowerpornoes [Ich Will Nun Mal Irgendwo Hin] (4:02)
10. Arnold Kant [Liebe Ist] (3:55)
11. Lester Bangs & Delinquents, The [Accidents Of God] (4:10)
12. Sonya Hunter [Just Good Music] (3:19)
13. Joseph Cotton [Ali Baba] (2:53)
14. Alton Ellis [Arise Black Man] (3:31)



Lester Bangs: Mégatonnique Rock Critic CD boxed set cover obverse Lester Bangs: Mégatonnique Rock Critic CD boxed set cover reverse
Lester Bangs: Mégatonnique Rock Critic

"Accidents Of God" (Lester Bangs and The Delinquents) CD1 §16
"Kill Him Again" (Lester Bangs and The Delinquents) CD1 §17
3x CD Boxed Compilation: Sony BMG Music Entertainment, France, 82876868972 (2006)
Note: Supplemental audio for the French edition of Lester Bangs biography Let it Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, by Jim DeRogatis; includes booklet with Bangs quotations and images.

Complete Tracks:
CD 1: Carburateurs Flingués

01. Psychotic Reaction (Count Five)
02. Search And Destroy (Iggy And The Stooges)
03. Blank Generation (Richard Hell And The Voidoids)
04. Ain't It Fun (Rocket From The Tombs)
05. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Pere Ubu)
06. Bad Little Woman (The Shadows Of Knight)
07. Skunk [Sonicly Speaking] (MC5)
08. Hey Joe [Where You Gonna Go] (The Byrds)
09. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)
10. Madame George (Van Morrison)
11. Maggie May (Rod Stewart)
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash [Live At The Marquee] (The Vibrators)
13. One Track Mind (Wet Willie)
14. How 'Bout You (Wet Willie)
15. Give It To Me (J. Geils Band)
16. Accidents Of God (Lester Bangs and The Delinquents)
17. Kill Him Again (Lester Bangs and The Delinquents)

CD 2: Fêtes Sanglantes

01. Friends & Neighbors (Ornette Coleman)
02. Penetration (Iggy And The Stooges)
03. One And One (Miles Davis)
04. Little Johnny Jewel (Television)
05. Kimberly (Patti Smith)
06. Funky Kingston (Toots And The Maytals)
07. I Chase The Devil (Max Romeo and the Upsetters)
08. Runaway Girl (U Roy)
09. Stepping Razor (Peter Tosh)
10. Police And Thieves (The Clash)
11. I'm So Bored With The USA (The Clash)
12. Public Image (Public Image Ltd)
13. Mirror Man (Captain Beefheart)

CD 3: Mauvais Goût

01. Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)
02. I Need Somebody (Iggy And The Stooges)
03. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
04. Frozen Warnings (Nico [3])
05. Outdoor Miner (Wire)
06. Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno)
07. I'm Eighteen [Live] (Alice Cooper)
08. Frankenstein (The New York Dolls)
09. Here She Comes Now (The Velvet Underground)
10. The Bed (Lou Reed)
11. Kicks (Lou Reed)
12. All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople)
13. Loving You (Elvis Presley)
14. Ghost Rider (Suicide)
15. Showroom Dummies (Kraftwerk)  


Bangs Attributions On Other Works

Mekons FUN 90 album

The Mekons, F.U.N. 90

"One Horse Town" B§1 (Vocals by Lester Bangs)
CD, Maxi-Single, 12" single, cassette: A&M Records, 75021 5325 2 (1990)
Credits: Vocals on "One Horse Town," Lester Bangs. Mixed and recorded at The Stone Room; Mastered at A&M Mastering Studios; mastered by Mike Reese; produced by Ian Caple.


Mike Rep and The Quotas Stupor Hiatus Volume 2

Mike Rep and The Quotas, Stupor Hiatus, Volume 2

"Fade Away" Disc A§4 (Written by Lester Bangs)
LP: Siltbreeze Records, SB13 (1992)

Credits: Amrep Michael Hummel, Nudge Squidfish (vocals); Jerry Felty, Tommy Jay (backing vocals); Jerry Felty, Nudge Squidfish (bass); Amrep Michael Hummel, Jen Eling, Nudge Squidfish, Tommy Jay (drums); Jen Eling (Flute); Amrep Michael Hummel, Ron House, Nudge Squidfish (guitar); Tommy Jay (synthesizer); Amrep Michael Hummel (fiddle, congas); mixed by Rep; produced by Michael Hummel, Nudge Squidfish, and Tommy Jay. 

Mekons Where Were You? Volume 2

The Mekons, Where Were You? Hens Teeth and Other Lost Fragments of Popular Culture, Volume 2

"One Horse Dub" B§1 (Vocals and guitar, Lester Bangs)
CD: Quarterstick Records, QS59CD (1999)

Credits: Kathy Acker (vocals); Barry B. (hand claps); Lester Bangs (vocals, one-string guitar, via cassette—NYC January 1981); Pete Barker (vocals, guitar); Rico Bell (vocals, accordion); Sarah Casanova Corina (vocals); Sarah Corina (vocals and bass); Brendan Croker (guitar); John Gill (melodeon); Steve Goulding (drums); Tom Greenhalgh (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, harp); Suzie Honeyman (fiddle); Jon "Jonboy" Langford (vocals, guitar, drums, accordion); Ken Lite (vocals and bass); Monti Rock III (drums); Rosebud (drums); Dick Taylor (guitar); Sally Tims (vocals); Chalkie White (vocals); Mark Wilson (vocals and guitar). 

John Wesley Coleman III Steal My Mind lp

John Wesley Coleman III, Steal My Mind

"Life Is Not Worth Living And Suicide Is A Waste Of Time" B§5 (§11) (writing credit: Lester Bangs and the Delinquents)

LP, MP3 Disc: Certified PR Records, 2009.

Credits: Guitar, Vocals, John Wesley Coleman; Backing Vocals, Shapes Have Fangs; Bass, Jeremy Steen; Drums, Patrick Travis. All tracks written by John Wesley Coleman, except A3 (§3) [Warren Zevon] and B5 (§11) [Lester Bangs and the Delinquents]. Recorded at Laguna Studios.



Attributions in Dispute

Barry Holdship & Lester Bangs
Lester Bangs researchers should remain alert about several projects seeming to credit Lester Bangs as a contributor—in particular, several albums also involving rock artist Barry Holdship.  Holdship received his start with brother, Bill Holdship, in the early 1980s Detroit rock scene and was barely a contemporary to Lester Bangs, who by this time was living in Austin, Texas or New York City.  (Music journalist Bill Holdship has published several articles about Lester Bangs; see "About Bangs.")  The Holdship brothers had their own band, Let's Talk About Girls, which played as support act to performers like Gang of Four and The Replacements. Holdship's 2004 album, Ruff Trax, released on his own record label, Bad Axe Records, featured an image of his dog (see image at right), whom Barry referred to on his official website as the band's mascot. That dog's name was "Lester Bangs."  Because of this, and because of the improbability of rock critic Lester Bangs posthumously involving himself in these three Holdship-related albums, it seems more likely that the attributions were meant as whimsical references to Holdship's beloved companion animal.  Nevertheless, across the web these same attributions link to other legitimate Bangs sources, which reinforce a misperception (albeit unintentionally) about Conway "Lester" Bangs's collaboration with Barry Holdship.

Barry Holdship Gene Pitney Story retold

Various Artists

He's a Rebel: The Gene Pitney Story Retold

Arranged, Engineered, and Produced by Lester Bangs*

CD Compilation: M'Lou Music, PIG-7 (2002)

Barry Holdship International Pop Overthrow Volume 7

Various Artists

International Pop Overthrow, Volume 7

Barry Holdship, "Nothing Means More Than This" Disc 1 §12 (3:06)

Written by Barry Holdship; produced and engineered by Barry Holdship and Lester Bangs*; recorded at Playground Studios.

3x CD compilation: Not Lame Recordings, NL-101 (2004)

Barry Holdship Ruff Trax

Bill Holdship, Ruff Trax

"Nothing Means More Than This" §5 (3:03)

Written, composed, arranged, and engineered by Barry Holdship (and Lester Bangs*); recorded at Playground Studios.

CD: Bad Axe Records (2004)

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