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Box Full of Rocks

Box Full of Rocks frontispiece

A Box Full of Rocks

The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs
Runtime: 90 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Directed by Raul Sandelin.
Starring: Sydney Brown; Jack Butler; Jim DeRogatis; Rob Houghton; Jon Kanis; Steve Kelly; Gary Rachac; Jerry Raney; G. Carroll Rice; Mindy Solis; Mike Stax; Milt Wyatt; and Dominic Lerma as "Lester."
Release date: December 2013


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Full List of Credits

Rating: PG-13
Adult themes and hard language;
Descriptions only (no depictions) of drug use and sexual situations.


Sydney Brown
Jack Butler
Jim DeRogatis
Rob Houghton
Jon Kanis
Steve Kelly
Gary Rachac
Jerry Raney
G. Carroll Rice
Mindy Solis
Mike Stax
Milt Wyatt
Dominic Lerma as "Lester"
Lester Bangs Memorial Reading
Corrie Bales
Sydney Brown
Enrique Cervantes
Heather Eudy
Ryan Griffith
Jennifer McBroom
Raul Sandelin
Ron Salisbury
Melissa Solis
Mindy Solis
Karl Sherlock
Felicia Williams
Excerpts from Lester Bangs's writings read by
John Kanis
Produced, Written and Directed by
Raul Sandelin
Production Assistant:
Flavia Lacerda
Tony Butler
A.J. Johnson
Dylan Sandelin
Joe Minnich
Andrew Gil
Tony Butler
Xavier Green
Matt Ramos
Sound Design:
Jack Butler
A.J. Johnson
Michael Smith-Ramos
Closed Captioning
Karl J. Sherlock
Lester Bangs film clip
All You Need Is Love: 
The Story Of Popular Music
courtesy of Tony Palmer
Thee Dark Ages
"The Pain Of Being White"
"I Can't Turn Down"
"LB Stick To Your Guns"
"They Call Us the Goons"
"Heaven's Devils"
"Dark Ages Jam"
The Flying Sandolini
"Where Is the Poet Christ?"
"Do You Ride the Bus Alone?"
"Machine Gun" 
Jon Kanis
"It Is and It Isn't"
Jack Gimble
"El Cajon Blues"
Robert Williams
"Please Candle With Hair"

Special Thanks:
Liz Albert
Agustin Albarran
Charlie Auringer
Bonnie Bade
Steve Baker
Stuart Batsford
Mike Best
Linda Brewton
Chris Cantore
Janet Castaños
Alain Cola
Richard Colligan
Roberta Cruger
Detroit Sound Conservancy
Robert Duncan
Royce Farrell
Michael Fennelly
Dick Gamble
Mick Garris
Lisa Getz
James Henderson
Oralee Holder
Gary Holdinghausen
Clayton Holstun
Bob Huff
Kent Johnson
Marianne Johnson
Martha Jones
Vanessa Kibbe
Kevin Lampe
MaryAnn Landry
Joe LaVeque
Eldonna Lay
Dave Marsh
Scott McLean
Cathy McConnell Ardans
Stephanie Mood
Thomas Murillo
Robert O'Conner
Old Cajoneans
Samantha Perez
Victor H. Perez
Richard Riegel
Peter Jason Reily, CPA
Patti Roberts
David Roth
Steven Rubio
San Diego Troubadour
Jarnard Sutton
Jaan Uhelszki
UT San Diego
George Varga
Walter von Westphalen
Jonna Waite
Kenny Weissberg
Susan Whitall
El Cajon Historical Society
Grossmont College Creative Writing Program
Grossmont College Media Communications Department
A Very Special Thanks To
Sydney Brown 
Karl Sherlock
William Snead 
for providing the logistics that made this project possible...
Edward Turner
of Road Ahead Productions
for providing the generous funding necessary to finish this film
. . . and to the following, for telling and archiving Lester Bangs's story and keeping his legacy alive for the past 30 years:
Cameron Crowe
Jim Derogatis
Greil Marcus
John Morthland

A Raul Sandelin Films Production
All rights reserved
El Cajon, CA 2013

A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years Of Lester Bangs is a student documentary project; the filmmakers do not claim ownership or copyright to some of the still images used in the making of this documentary. All other footage and music in this film is original or has been used with permission of the owners.

This film is dedicated to all of the Rock 'n' Roll kids of El Cajon, California.

In memory of Roger D. Anderson
Last Updated: 08/16/2016
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