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Frequently Asked Questions about English 99

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English 99 FAQs
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Below are some frequently asked questions about English 099.  If you don't find the answer you're looking for, or you'd like to find out more about this accelerated course, contact our English 099 instructors:
Michelle Crooks

  Cindi Harris


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01. Who should take English 099?

All students! Specifically, it is designed for anyone who has assessed into English 098 or passed English 090 who would prefer a direct route to English 120. We believe in the potential of all students to succeed in this course and achieve their educational goals as they move forward toward transfer-level work.


02. What does the class cover?

English 099 focuses on teaching college-level reading, writing and critical thinking skills. There will be interesting projects that will help you build your research skills and abilities. In addition, English 099 courses center on a unique theme with engaging, relevant topics and fun, collaborative activities that build classroom community.


03. What does “accelerated” in the course title mean?

Accelerated does not mean two or three semesters of English requirements crammed into one, and it doesn’t mean moving faster through the content. Instead, it is a different approach altogether to the traditional path that prepares students for 120 in one semester. The class is based on what students will be doing in English 120, giving students practice with the skills, content, and ways of thinking required in college-level English, only with more guidance and in-class support, such as a class tutor.

04. What does "hybrid" mean?

Most of the English 099 sections are hybrid—this means that the class meets on campus four hours a week, and one additional hour is completed online. The online activities will vary with each instructor, but they include activities such as discussion board posts, responding to other students in an online environment, and reading articles or watching videos that help build your understanding of the course topics and skills.


05. Why is English 099 a 5-unit course?

Although it is 5 units, taking English 099 will save time and money because you will meet the pre-requisite for English 120 in just one class. The class incorporates, both, reading and writing curriculum. The traditional track consists of English 098 (4 units), an optional English 098R reading course (3 units), and English 110 (3 units). So the traditional route if you have assessed into English 098 requires up to 10 units and two semesters of work versus just one semester if you take English 099.


06. Do I still have to take English 098 or English 110?

No. English 099 is an alternative route to transfer-level English 120.


07. Who teaches English 099?

Excellent faculty who have been through specific training to teach this course. We believe in a supportive classroom in which mistakes are the key to learning. Most of the sections also have an embedded tutor to provide one-on-one assistance to students, as well.


08. Can student veterans take this course?

Absolutely! However, if you are a veteran taking advantage of your GI Bill benefits, keep in mind that you must take a non-hybrid section of the course for it to qualify. At least one fully on-site section of English 099 is offered each semester.


09. What happens if I don't pass?

We like to think that students pass our classes because of the highly supportive environment, the extra attention they get from the class tutor, and our liberal essay revision policies. We believe you can and will pass the course. However, for a variety of reasons that rarely have to do with ability, sometimes students do not successfully complete a course. In this case, we would encourage students to re-take English 099.


Last Updated: 05/16/2018
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