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Hiring History 1961 to present

On this page you'll find a Departmental family tree of tenured faculty "pedigreed" and color coded according to hiring Chair.


Department Hiring Flowchart

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1961 Charter Hires
1961 Charter Hires, English Department
Grossmont Junior College District:

Robert W. Danielson, Chair (1961-1963 and 1967-1969)
James K. Bell
Chester H. Palmer
George M Washington (tenured to Foreign Languages Department)
Ray Reynolds (tenured to Journalism Department)
Charline Lamons, Chair (1963-1966 and 1968-1969) 

1961-1963 and 1967-1968, hired by Bob Danielson
1961-1963 and 1967-1969 Robert Danielson, Chair
Robert W. Danielson:

Jane R. Spooner (tenured to Speech Department)
Evangelos P. Phillips
George Kirazian, Jr.Chair (1966-1967)
Barbara W. Faber
John Saetti (tenured to Humanities Department)

1963-1966 and 1968-1969, hired by Charline Lamons
1966-1967, hired by George Kirazian
1969-1970, hired by Bob Moore
1969-1970 Bob Moore, Chair
Bob Moore:

Michael A. Evans
Homer Bedford Lusk, Jr., Chair (1974-1977, 1978-1983, and 1989-1994)

1970-1972, hired by C. Frank Vittor
1970-1972, C. Frank Vittor, Chair
C. Frank Vittor:

Jack Barranger
Dorothy Ledbetter
Ruth Anderson, Chair (1977-1978)
Peter Bradley
John Barnier, Assistant Chair (1972-1974)

1972-1974, hired by Frederick J. Stollenwerk
1972-1974, Frederick J. Stollenwerk, Chair
Fred Stollenwerk:

Dr. Elaine McLevie, Division Dean (1979-1983)

1977-1978, hired by Ruth Anderson
1977-1978, Ruth Anderson, Chair
Ruth Anderson:

Scott Pearce

1983-1984, hired by Glenda Richter
1983-1984, Glenda Richter, Chair
Glenda K. Richter:

Dr. Mary Donnelly, Chair (1984-1989 and 1994-1999), Acting Dean (1991-1982)

1984-1989, hired by Mary Donnelly
1984-1989, Mary Donnelly, Chair
Dr. Mary Donnelly:

Patricia K. Bennett (tenured to ESL)

1989-1994, hired by Homer Lusk
1994-1999, hired by Mary Donnelly
1999-2006, hired by Gary Phillips
2006-present, hired by Oralee Holder
Last Updated: 08/23/2016
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