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creative write-a-thon

Saturday, November 18, 9AM - 2PM, Griffin Gate
Creative Write-a-THON

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Donations of raffle prizes and giveaways needed by


We welcome… 
  • new or gently read books (of poetry, fiction, or literary nonfiction), especially signed volumes
  • gift cards and tickets, for anything (books, movie theaters, restaurants, aroma therapy—whatever!)
  • writerly sundries (such as journals/diaries; pen & pencil sets; word-a-day calendars; etc.)
  • literary novelties (literature-themed apparel, writerly action figures, jewelry, coffee mugs, etc.)
  • literary collectibles (prints, posters, etc.), especially autographed items
  • any cool tech, electronics, or gadgetry useful for starving writers and students
  • anything weird or fun (e.g., canned unicorn meat, fidget spinners, bacon flavored Toothpaste, etc.)
SPONSOR US!!! A contribution of $50 or more can help us empower and inspire our students by bringing to our campus's Literary Arts Festival a rich diversity of living, world-class poets and writers—authors who, through their writing, inspire change, raise awareness, and keep the humanities flourishing during times like these. Cash or check—both are welcome. Tax-deductible donations can also be made to our Foundation’s Creative Writing Donation Page.
Contact the Creative Writing Program coordinators to arrange donation drop-offs/pick-ups, or to obtain more info: or

What else is planned for the Creative Writing Program's 2017 Fall Readings SeriesClick below to find out.

FRS 2017
Last Updated: 11/04/2017

For more information, visit the complete  Fall 2017 Class Schedule or the official  Grossmont College Course Catalog.  Need some inspiration? Check out our fall 2017  Featured Courses, our seasonal selection of special topic courses and limited availability offerings.

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English 099: Accelerated Preparation
English 99
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