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Grossmont College Wellness Initiative



Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer-Led Activity Groups

Q: What are Volunteer-Led Activity Groups?

A: Led by Grossmont College employees, these groups provide opportunities to exercise with fellow employees on a regular basis.

Q: What Volunteer-Led Activity Groups are available?

A: To see a listing and description of the groups, go to A Spring 2012 schedule is available along with the contact information of the volunteer leading that group.

Q: What is required to participate in a Volunteer-Led Activity Group?

A: You must sign a Waiver Form prior to participating. Group leaders have these waiver forms or it can be downloaded from the wellness website. Give this form to the activity group leader. Once signed, you can attend any group and need only to initial the Sign In sheet each time you participate.

Q: Is there a fee to join a Volunteer-Led Activity Group?

A: There are NO FEES associated with these groups. Show up, sign a waiver, sign in and begin enjoying exercise with that group.

Q: Can non-employees and those under 18 years old participate in Volunteer-Led Activity Groups?

A: Adult non-employees can participate in these groups but they must sign a Waiver Form and initial the activity group sign in sheet. Participants must be 18 or older.

Q: Can I bring my dog to these Volunteer-Led Activity Groups?

A: Yes. You are responsible for caring for your dog and making sure you observe the policies that are in place in those areas. (on leash that is 8 feet or less and clean up after them)

Q: How can I become a leader for a Volunteer-Led Activity Group?

A: Contact Sharon Vilarino at for information.

Fee Based Classes through Community Education

Q: What are Fee-Based Classes?

A: These classes provide an opportunity for Grossmont College employees to exercise on campus. These classes are not mixed with the student population and are staffed with an exercise science professional that is ready to assist and offer personalized instruction.

Q: Is there a difference between Fee-Based classes and regular exercise science classes offered at Grossmont College?

A: There is no formal educational component in these classes so there are no assignments or exams. The entire time will be devoted to physical activity.

Q: Where can you sign up for Fee-Based classes?

A: Go to to see a listing of dates, times and a description of the classes. You can register for these classes at or call (619) 660-4350.


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