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The SDSU TAG is an agreement between SDSU and local community colleges (Cuyamaca, Grossmont, San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar, Southwestern and Imperial Valley).  It gives priority admission to students who have completed 100% of their 60 transferable units at a local college if they fulfill the specific requirements listed below:


(all requirements must be completed by the end of spring 2013)

  1. Complete the “Golden Four” courses:  Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking and Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning.  You must have a “C” grade or higher in these courses.
  2. Meet the grade point average (GPA) requirement for the major or 2.4 (whichever is higher) listed in the SDSU General Catalog. Information can be found at:   You must meet the required major GPA at the time of application (October 1-November 30, 2012).  This GPA must be maintained throughout the admission process.
  3. Complete a minimum of 60 CSU transferable semester units.
  4. Complete a certified General Education (GE) package of 39 units (CSU GE or IGETC) or any applicable lower division GE pattern listed in the SDSU catalog.
  5. Complete all major preparation courses listed in the SDSU General Catalog.  Information can be found at:  or   You must plan to take any required course not offered by Grossmont College at another local community college or through CSU Cross Enrollment.

If you think you are SDSU TAG eligible for fall 2013 admission, complete the following steps:

v  Complete the CSU application between October 1-November 30, 2012 and the SDSU Supplemental Application in January 2013.  Ninety percent of the Grossmont College students who were denied admission to SDSU for fall 2010 did not attend a CSU Application Workshop and/or the SDSU Supplemental Application Workshop offered in January.

Majors with additional requirements:

  • Music, Dance and TV, Film and New Media majors require additional screening for acceptance into the major.
  • There is an additional application and additional ranking criteria for Nursing applicants. See the School of Nursing Web site for criteria.
  • SDSU is not accepting applications for second bachelor candidates.



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