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General Education Breadth Requirement for the California State University



There is no catalog year or rule of continuing attendance for general education breadth requirements certification. A course is certifiable if, and only if, it was on the general education breadth requirements list at the time the course was taken. Please check with a counselor if you have any questions.

Students who plan to transfer to San Diego State University and other campuses of the California State University (CSU) system are reminded to request certification of their general education courses. Certification should be requested at the Grossmont College Admissions and Records Office during the last semester or summer session of attendance at Grossmont College and after application to a CSU campus. Certification is not automatic and must be requested by the student.

Certification is a legal agreement between the CSU system and community colleges in California. Certification is authorized by state law to assure that CSU general education requirements met at Grossmont College (and other community colleges) will satisfy the lower division general education requirements at San Diego State University and other state colleges and universities.

Each campus may have a slightly different program. Failure to complete full certification will cause courses to be reviewed differently at each campus.

Report any problems encountered with certification of general education for transfer to one of the counselors at Grossmont College. The counselor will assist you in trying to resolve any transfer problem and the information you provide will assist in clarification of the certification procedures. Certification applies to the CSU system only (not applicable to the University of California system).

Grossmont College will certify each area that is completed in the following pattern, up to a maximum of 39 units for all areas, A through E. Certification is based on course work completed at Grossmont College and all other institutions that have a list of approved certifiable courses on file in the CSU Chancellor's Office. Course work from all other accredited colleges and universities, including private and out-of-state, will be reviewed for certification of those courses deemed equivalent to courses on the Grossmont College list.



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