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Theatre Arts 2014-2015 Season




Announcing our Exciting 2014-2015 Season

Kimberly Akimbo
By David Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by Martin Katz
Oct. 2,3,4,9,10,11 at 7:30pm
Oct. 4 & 11 at 2:00pm

Kimberly Akimbo a sweet 16 going on 60-something year-old "girl" afflicted with a rare disease looking for sanity finds her accelerated life racing through some poignant hilarious challenges including her pregnant hypochondriac mother, her lost beer drinking father, her scam-artist aunt and maybe most daunting of all, her first love. "Kimberly Akimbo is it once a shrewd satire, a black comedy and a heartbreaking study of how time wounds everyone" New York Times

Kimberly Akimbo Poster 
By Bill Irwin and Mark O’Donnell
Adapted from Moliere
Directed by Brian Rickel
Nov. 13,14,15,20,21,22 at 7:30pm
Nov. 15 & 22 at 2:00pm

EXTORTION! TREACHERY! TRICKERY! LOVE! UNBELIEVEABLE COINCIDENCE! When two young men of substantial wealth fall in love with two beautiful, but penniless ladies, they employ the assistance of the clever, crafty, and possibly clairvoyant servant, Scapin, to assist them in calming their very angry fathers! With the help of fellow servant, Sylvestre, complications abound in Bill Irwin and Mark O’Donnell’s modern adaptation of Moliere’s classic French farce, Les Fourberies de Scapin. A salute to vaudeville and the irreverently fun tradition of Commedia dell’arte, join us for a celebration of laughter and farce with this wild romp!

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The Fun Factory
By Jerry Hager
Directed by Jerry Hager
Dec. 5 & 6 at 7:30pm
Dec. 6 at 2:00pm

In 1912, filmmaker Mack Sennett set up shop in Southern California, and the birth of a new era of fun was created – Silent Comedies! Sennett aptly named his studio “The Fun Factory”, as it brought laughter to young and old alike, and introduced us to such stars as Fatty Arbuckle, Gloria Swanson, W.C. Field, and Charlie Chaplin. We invite you to travel back in time to watch the Keystone Cops as they slide, slip, flip, flop, crash, careen and collapse in to the heart of the audiences. Full of high jinx and guffaws, The Fun Factory offers a goofy, silly look back at a time when actions spoke louder than words.  

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Inside the Actor’s Process: Pictures
By Jerry Hager
Feb. 6 & 7 at 7:30pm
Feb. 7 at 2:00 pm

Positioning, focus, composition, and gesture all help to create the “picture” on stage, which, in turn, helps to build a deeper understanding for the audience. This year, Inside the Actor’s Process will tackle the poetic ingredient of using pictures in storytelling. Actors can generate pictures with their physicality, their use of voice, or internally, and how a director uses these images for the audience adds flavor and texture to the theatrical experience. Peek behind the theatrical curtain at the imaginative process that helps actors generate fun, emotional, and innovative stage pictures.

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Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jeannette Thomas
March 12,13,14,19,20,21 at 7:30pm
March 14 & 21 at 2:00pm

Join us for what is arguably the greatest love story in English Literature, Romeo and Juliet. Set against the turbulent backdrop of Prohibition Era Chicago, our production will blend a Boardwalk Empire-esque mafia family drama with the timelessness of forbidden love. The young lovers’ illicit desire is hindered by a deadly organized crime feud, and ultimately they must decide if duty and family honor outweigh the allure and depth of their love. The tale of Shakespeare’s “star-crossed” lovers is an enduring, tragic romance that challenges the audience to examine not just the power of passion, but also the inevitability of Fate.

Romeo and Juliet Poster 
The Piano Lesson
By August Wilson
Directed by Beth Duggan
May 7,8,9,14,15,16 at 7:30pm
May 9 & 16 at 2:00pm

In the 1930s, an African American family in Pittsburgh struggles with reconciling the past and the future while making sense of their family legacy. Boy Willy has a plan to purchase the land upon which his family once toiled as slaves, but his sister Bernice is opposed to the idea since it requires selling a family heirloom—a piano—upon which is carved their family history. The prospect of a more secure future runs up against ghosts of the past in this modern American classic by August Wilson. A moving and thoughtful drama, The Piano Lesson provokes the question of what, ultimately, is the price of freedom and a fresh start?

Piano Lesson Poster
Special Event Performances

This summer we were excited to give our students the opportunity to participate in our First Annual Summer Conservatory. With our swashbuckling production of The Three Musketeers, the students had the chance to produce a full-length play, learn the various aspects of theatre production, as well as have an intensive workshop in stage combat. Unfortunately, this unique experience strains our already tight funds above and beyond our yearly budget. Therefore all of the proceeds from this year’s fundraiser will help finance this important program. Mark your calendar for this entertaining performance, and help us give our students the opportunity to take part in our Summer Conservatory. These shows are not included in the season ticket packages. Please place your order at the Stagehouse Box Office (619)644-7234. Or online at

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein
By Shel Silverstein
Feb. 20 & 21 at 7:30pm 2015
$20.00 general admission
$10.00 students
Rated R no one under 18 admitted

Back by popular demand! Performed by Grossmont College Faculty and Staff. Welcome to the darkly comic world of Shel Silverstein, a world where nothing is as it seems and where the most innocent conversation can turn menacing in an instant.

Silverstein Poster 

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Box Office Phone: (619)644-7234 (24-hour message). All reservations must be pre-paid prior to the performance you wish to attend.

Theatre Arts Box Office, Building 22A/Room 200 A-1, at Grossmont College, near parking lot #1, next to Aztec mural. Box Office opens 2 weeks prior to every production. Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10am - 2pm and 1 hour prior to all performances.

Governing Board Members: Greg Barr, Bill Garrett, Edwin Hiel, Debbie Justeson, Mary Kay Rosinski
Student Members: Zack Gianino, Elsa Hernandez
Chancellor: Cindy L. Miles, Ph.D.
Grossmont College President: Sunita V. Cooke, Ph.D.

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