Bingo Order of Operation


This is a fun game for students who have just learned their order of operations.  It is great practice and a good review before an exam.

Applicable Courses:

Beginning Algebra

Materials Needed:

Pennies or chips or little pieces of paper to cover up the bingo card squares.

How to Play:

Print the questions and answers back to back onto heavy paper (cardstock).  Be sure that the appropriate question and answer are on the space space. Cut out the rectangles.  Mix up the cards into a container and randomly pull out one at a time.  Or, merely treat them like a deck of cards and shuffle the deck, then turn over one card at a time.  You can write the question on the board or use a document camera to flash it onto a screen.  Put it aside but you will need to refer back to it to check the answer (on the backside).  The students work through the problems and as they get an answer (hopefully correct), they find it and cover it up on their card.  It becomes regular bingo at this point.  When someone has a bingo, go back to the questions which have been called and check that their answers are correct.  There are 24 questions and answers.  Each bingo card has 24 answers.  All answers are on each card.  The game takes approximately 10 15 minutes (no calculators allowed).

Bingo Cards                  Bingo Questions