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Student Learning Outcomes




Academic Senate Resolutions on SLO's

WHEREAS, in the State of California the Academic Senates of Community Colleges have primacy in academic matters; and

WHEREAS, curriculum is under the purview of the Academic Senate; and

WHEREAS, course outlines for all courses at Grossmont College are approved by the Curriculum Committee upon departmental recommendation in accordance with California Education Code and other more rigorous criteria adopted by the Academic Senate; and 

WHEREAS, all course outlines define course objectives for student learning and address higher level thinking skills; and

WHEREAS, all course outlines define specific measurement of those objectives that are stated in Methods of Evaluation, and

WHEREAS, all instructional faculty are required to submit course syllabi that appropriately reflect the objectives and methods of evaluation in the   corresponding course outlines; and

WHEREAS, instructional faculty use modes of delivery that are appropriate to curriculum Objectives; and

WHEREAS, instructional faculty give grades and award credit to students by assessing their level of learning using course objectives and methods of evaluation; and

WHEREAS, counseling faculty provide an environment which is conducive to student learning by supplying accurate information on college courses and programs, degrees and certificates, course         articulation and transfer; by advising students in defining their       academic and career goals; and by assisting students in resolving personal, family and other concerns related to success; and

WHEREAS, counseling faculty provide information vital to student success that is printed in the college catalog, college schedules and other college publications disseminated to students; and

WHEREAS, library faculty facilitate student learning by selecting and maintaining educational resources that are high quality, current and appropriate to college instructional programs; and

WHEREAS, library faculty support student learning by providing expertise and advice on resource materials and by offering opportunities for students to develop skills in information competency; and

WHEREAS, Grossmont College faculty and student support services promote and monitor student success by implementing programs including, but not limited to, Early Alert, Project Success, English Reading and Writing Centers, Math Study Center, etc.; and

WHEREAS, all faculty participate in regular department and division meetings that provide opportunities to review student learning strategies; and

WHEREAS, all faculty complete a designated number of staff development hours each academic year; and

WHEREAS, all instructional and Student Services Programs undergo systematic and ongoing assessment and evaluation through the college Program Review processes; and

WHEREAS, All faculty are evaluated in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the GCCCD Governing Board/United Faculty Agreement; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED,that the Academic Senate affirm that the processes and documents that define student learning outcomes are established, and will continue to be faculty driven and defined.

Grossmont College Faculty Senate Resolution on Student Learning Outcomes


 Whereas, the Grossmont College Academic Senate has primacy in academic and professional matters through AB 1725 and Title 5; and

 Whereas, the Grossmont faculty maintain high academic standards in instruction and student services, and a well-planned and well-paced implementation of student learning-outcomes into the curriculum for each course, and later in the program review process, will contribute to maintaining these high academic standards; and

 Whereas, the course syllabus can be changed most easily in response to the dynamic process of developing and assessing student-learning outcomes; and

Whereas, communication of expectations and student-learning outcomes directly to students occurs through the course syllabus;

 Be it resolved, that the Grossmont Academic Senate calls for faculty to begin the incorporation of student learning outcomes into the curricula by including student-learning outcomes in course syllabi and into the planning and assessment of student service programs. 

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