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New Students


Welcome! Grossmont College is a great place to help you meet your educational goals.

Your next step after submitting an online application is to complete the Student Success and Support Program. To access the Student Success and Support Program component, log into WebAdvisor and click on the Students menu and:

  1. Complete Online Orientation.

  2. Make an Appointment for English/math assessment session (these sessions are by appointment only), appointment information is posted on the Assessment web site, click on English/math assessment.
       Note: Prior to taking an assessment at Grossmont College, the English, ESL, and   math faculty recommend that you complete the appropriate practice test
         You may be exempt from taking the Assessment; Assessment Exemptions.

  3. Complete Online Advising (you will receive your assessment results with an explanation and you will be presented with your first semester plan).

On campus Optional Advising Workshops will be available. These workshops are available by appointment only. Workshop appointment information is posted on the Counseling Center web site. You are required to bring your first semester plan from the Online Advising with you to the workshop to gain entry.

Individual counseling appointments are only available beginning the third week of the semester only for those students who have completed the Student Success and Support Program.

Last Updated: 10/10/2016
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