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This is a class website for Anatomy and Physiology (I &II). This site is designed and maintained by Shina Alagia in the Biology department at Grossmont College, San Diego, CA. U.S.

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Down loading Power point viewer: In order to download the lecture slides, you will need power point program in your computer. If you do not have power point, you can down load it for free at www.microsoft.com

  1.  Click on "more popular down loads"

  2.  Click on "See additional popular down loads"

    # 11. on the option is power point viewer which you can down load for free.

PRINTING OUT SLIDES: When you print out the slides, in order to save paper, it's best to print them out as Hand out.   

1. Go to file and click "Print", a window will appear. At the bottom left of the window, you will see the bar saying "Print as what".

2. Next to the bar there is a tiny window which will show "Slides". Click on that and it will give you the option of "Hand out" instead.

3. When you print as hand out, you can have from 2-8 slides/page. 4 slides/page is what I recommend. There will be space next to each slide for you to take additional notes.