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Website Redesign Project


The Grossmont College website is currently undergoing a redesign process, expected to improve the site in content, design, function and maintenance.

The website redesign has been underway for several years, and the district website was converted to the new design in 2011. The conversion of the college pages was delayed until after the accreditation visit in October 2013.

The current goal is to migrate to the new website in summer 2014. The district is working with a website developer, Beacon Technologies, on creating a timeline that will enable us to meet that deadline.

These pages provide details and information about the ongoing website redesign. The new website will use Cascade Server for the content management system, which will allow content providers to update their own pages. We welcome your feedback about the website redesign. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas.


The Website Redesign Project has several key goals:

  1. To make the site a user-friendly tool for prospective and current students, while serving the needs of faculty, staff and the community.

  2. To develop website navigation that is easy to use.

  3. To create a cohesive and appealing design that incorporates college branding standards and will be recognizable throughout the website.

  4. To update technical design that complies with current technology standards.

  5. To simplify website maintenance using a content management system.

  6. To shift to a responsive design so that the website is viewable on any platform, including computers, tablets, and smart phones.

  7. To realign content that best serves the needs of students.


NOTE: Members of this Task Force are subject to change at a later date.


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