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James Weinrich
James Weinrich

James Weinrich


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PSY 215 -- Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Course Links:

Psy 215 online textbook info

Course Notes:

Psychology 215, Anthropology 215, and Sociology 215 are all the same course.

Note that this class meets on Tuesday and WEDNESDAY afternoons (not Tuesday/Thursday) for the Spring, 2015 semester.

PSY 134 -- Human Sexuality

Course Links:

Online Syllabus Fall 2015
Face to Face Syllabus (not Spring 2015)

Course Notes:

The most recent version of the syllabus (Fall 2015) is located here (and above):

The link to the left (in green text) is to a slightly older version.


Dr. Weinrich has taught Psychology 134 at Grossmont since early 2006. Most semesters, it is available online; every now and then, he teaches it as a face-to-face class. He began teaching Psychology 215 in Fall, 2013.

Click on the links on the left for more information about Dr. Weinrich (including recent awards and recognition), for the online and face-to-face syllabuses for Psychology 134 (including textbook information), for instructions about what to do if you are in the online section, and for Frequently Asked Questions (including information about add codes).

There are also links about how to access the first two textbook chapters online for free (for all classes).

NOTE: For Psychology 134, only the 9th edition of the textbook is acceptable.

Last Updated: 08/20/2015


Jim Weinrich, Ph.D.

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