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Test of Essential Academic Skills-TEAS




TEAS Policy and Remediation Procedures
Nursing Program Pre-Entrance Exam

Upon completion of all prerequisites, the prospective nursing student must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS, version 5.0) at a designated testing site.  The prospective nursing student who achieves a passing composite score of 62% or higher, will be considered for admission in conjunction with the required admission criteria.  Applicants are awarded points towards their application based on a passing TEAS score. 

The Nursing Department strongly recommends purchasing the TEAS study guide and
2 online practice exams for the aid in successfully passing the TEAS exam. To purchase, go to

If you have successfully passed the TEAS exam with an Adjusted Individual Total Score of 62% or greater.  

The applicant will receive points towards their application based upon this first successful TEAS score. 

91-100% = 32 points
86-90% = 27 points
81-85% = 24 points
76-80% = 21 points
70-75% = 18 points
62-69% = 15 points
0-62% = 0 points

If you are wishing to re-test to acquire a higher score, a 3 year time period must pass in order to receive application points.  The 3 year time period is based on the date of the first TEAS V exam taken.  A second TEAS exam taken prior to the required wait period of 3 years will not be considered for points.


If you did not pass the TEAS exam, scoring less than 62% on the Adjusted Individual Total Score:

The applicant will not be eligible to apply to the program based upon this first unsuccessful TEAS score.  If you wish to apply in the future, the following remediation is required in order to submit a 2nd TEAS exam with a score greater than 62%.  The repeat score will allow the applicant to receive points towards their application.

Applicants must;

  • wait a minimum of 30 days to begin remediation.
  • complete the remediation within 365 days of the 1st unsuccessful TEAS 5.0 exam.
  • re-take the TEAS V exam following the completion of remediation.

See Procedures for Remediation below.

San Diego State University offers the TEAS exam locally; please call the Testing Center at 619-594-5216 to reserve a seat for testing.  If you live out of the area, the ATI website will refer you to other colleges in your area that offer the TEAS.  Test results must be sent electronically to Grossmont College Nursing Program.


(For applicants with an Adjusted Total Score less than 62%)

The following remediation must be followed in order to apply to the Grossmont College Nursing Program.

Applicants must wait 30 days to begin remediation and must complete these courses and/or a TEAS review course within 365 days from the date of the 1st TEAS exam.  Depending on the scores in each section of your test (Math, English, Reading and/or Science), please follow 1 of the 2 remediation plans.


1. For those applicants who achieve between 45%-62% in the Math, English,
    Reading or Science Comprehension sections of the TEAS, the student may
    remediate using the preferred study methods below prior to retaking the TEAS for
    the 2nd time.

  • Study from the ATI TEAS study guide, or
  • Complete TEAS practice exams, or
  • Complete the PASS class from Southwestern College, or
  • Complete the TEAS Exam Prep class- 1883H at Mesa College.

Students must indicate which method they used to remediate when applying.  Proof of this requirement includes;

  • A written statement from the student, verifying that the ATI study guide was used to remediate.
  • A print-out of the practice exams.
  • A certificate of completion from Southwestern College's PASS class.
  • A certificate of completion or transcript fro Mesa College's TEAS Exam Prep class.


2. For those applicants who achieve less than 45% in the Math, English, Reading Comprehension sections of the TEAS, the student must complete 1 of the following 2 options prior to retaking the TEAS for the 2nd time;

1. Course completion based upon the students individual remediation requirements.

  1. Math remediation- Math 88 with a grade of "Pass."
  2. English or Reading Comprehension remediation- English 90 or 90R with a grade of "Pass."

    Proof of completion of the above course(s) is required when applying. 

2. Complete a TEAS review course at Southwestern College or a TEAS Exam Prep class at Mesa College.



updated 3/11/2014
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