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Department of Music


Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What required courses must I register for as a music major?
Answer: The Music Major has a core of three courses. Each course has a four semester sequence, I-IV. The courses are Music Theory and Practice I-IV (theory and ear-training), Class Piano I-IV (keyboard skills to support the theory and ear-training) and Performance Studies I-IV (preparation and performance of solo recital pieces on your instrument or voice).
Question: What other classes can I register for to achieve an Associate Degree in Music?
Answer: In addition to the 32 units of core courses, you need four units of music electives. This adds up to 36 units of Music Major course work. Add to that the Required General Education courses to complete the AA degree.
Question: Am I required to study privately on my instrument?
Answer: Yes! All Music Majors are expected to study privately. You will have to pay for your private teacher.
Question: Are there scholarship opportunities to help with the cost of private lessons?
Answer: Yes! We do have scholarship auditions the week before each semester starts. We use part of our Department budget to assist as many students as we can. This will not pay for all your lessons, but, it will help if you qualify for a scholarship.
Question: Are there minimum performance requirements to qualify for a scholarship?
Answer: Yes! Our minimum standard is the ability to perform college level repertoire. You must audition to meet this minimum standard for enrollment in Performance Studies I. A list of suggested repertoire for each instrument and voice is available from the Music Department.
Question: How do I find a qualified private instructor?
Answer: We have an extensive list of private instructors who are qualified. In order to qualify, a private instructor must hold a Masters Degree in Music or the Professional Equivalent. This means that your teacher must be legally qualified to teach in a Community College. We will determine if an instructor meets this standard of Minimum Qualification.
Question: Are there opportunities to perform at Grossmont College?
Answer: Yes! We have seven major ensembles: the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra, the Grossmont College Concert Band, The Grossmont College Jazz Ensemble, the Grossmont Classical Guitar Ensemble, the Grossmont Master Chorale, Chamber Singers and the Jazz Vocal Ensemble. We also have regular student recitals. Our students who are ready for professional performing opportunities are recommended for organizations that call us for entertainment at their special events.
Question: Do I need to get a degree in music to study at Grossmont College?
Answer: No! The Grossmont College Music Department serves three types of students: those who want to earn an Associate Degree in Music, those who want to transfer to a four-year institution, and those who just want to take classes for personal enrichment.
Question: Will I be still able to enroll in music classes if I have no previous experience in music?
Answer: Yes! We currently have three major areas of emphasis with entry level beginning classes. These are piano, guitar and voice. After completing the four semester sequence in any of these areas, you will have the basic skills to enroll in one of our ensembles. After that, you may decide to continue your music studies and complete a degree in music or to prepare for transfer to a four-year institution.

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