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Math Assessment and Placements



Getting Ready for the test


    Do you need to take the test?      Exemptions


Things you need to know about the test:

         The test is computerized.

         Each section is short and untimed.  Allow 2-3 hours to take the complete battery of tests.

         Once a question is answered, it cannot be changed.

         Calculators and dictionaries are NOT allowed.  Some questions allow the use of the ACCUPLACER calculator, which is built into the test.

Questions that will help Accuplacer correctly assess your math skills: Have these answered before going to take the exam.


1.  What was the last math class you took?

2.  How long ago was it?

3.  What was your grade in this last class?  i.e. How did you do?

3.  Have you taken Geometry?

5.  Do you use Math Daily?





Ok then, how do I review for the test?


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