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Media FAQs for Faculty


How can I find out what media materials are available in the Library?

  • Browse for DVDS using "Films by Subject":  It's as easy as clicking on a subject from the list found on our Films by Subject page.

  • Find Films by Course Number:  Go to Media Desk-- Quick Search and type in a course number to find films used by faculty in a particular course. 
    • For example, type in “hist 108” to find films used by faculty in History 108. 
    • To find films used by faculty in a particular department, type in the four letter department code.  For example, type in "hist" to find films used by faculty in the History Department.
  • Find media using Our Library Catalog, searching by title, keyword, or subject:  Search the Library’s Catalog using the Media Desk-- Quick Search or the Advanced Search (changing the Location to “Media Desk.”)  Search by titles, keywords or subjects.  

How long may faculty check out videos?

  • Faculty check out videos for a period of 1 week, but are encouraged to return videos when finished showing them in their classrooms.  If faculty need a longer check out period, due dates can be adjusted.  Students check out videos for in-library-use only. 

Do I have access to other videos besides what’s in the Library?

  • Streaming Videos: The library subscribes to several streaming video databases containing educational videos that can be streamed within Blackboard courses or in smart classrooms using presentation equipment.
  • Consortium Media Collection:  Students and faculty have access to a collection of videos that we share with other local community colleges.  Search the database for videos, then request one by filling out a “Film Rental Request” at the Media Desk, by sending an email to , or by calling (619) 644-7491. Students can view videos in the library.  Faculty may check the videos out for one weekDeliveries are on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Loans, Previews & Requests to Purchase:  Faculty members can request loans from other libraries, request previews of videos from vendors, or request items for library purchase.  Send an email to or call (619) 644-7491. 

I need to show particular videos on certain days.  Can I book videos in advance?

  • Film Booking Service:  Faculty can book films in advance by contacting Karen McCoy (phone: 619-644-7491, email: Instructors can also provide a list of films and what dates the films will be needed. The request can be made at the beginning of each semester, or a few days before the film(s) are needed.
  • An email is sent confirming the request and the films are set aside on a cart with the faculty member’s name on it. The instructor can then quickly check the items out at the Media Desk.  Many instructors take advantage of this service because they know the films are available and ready for check out on the date requested. Of course, faculty members still have the option of checking out  films on the day/night of class.

How do I place a video or other media item on Reserve for my students?

  • Media Reserves:  Media materials such as DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs can be placed on Reserve by instructors to support course work. Instructors can print out a Media Reserve Form and submit it with the material at the Media Desk.  Contact Karen McCoy at 619-655-7491 for further information.

Have questions or comments about media?  Contact Roxane BenVau, Media Librarian, at (619) 644-7553,; or Karen McCoy, Media Technician, at (619) 644-7491,