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Instructional Media Center (Lower Level)


 ElevatorsLynnette Wilson, Desktop GraphicsSirkka Huovila, Desktop PublishingMaria Baeza, Desktop PublishingBarbara Guiette, Desktop PublishingJamie Gassert, GraphicsCheryl Staples, GraphicsBob Yochum, Graphics70-086 Creative Services70-068 IMS Equipment Room70-062 Media Equipment Storage and Repair70-05670-060 Photo Studio70-058 Stephen Harvey, Photographer70-090 Val Eskridge, Instructional Media Services Supervisor70-070 Sang Bai and Dave Steinmetz, Instructional Media Services Techs70-064 Control Booth70-066 Distance Learning Lab70-080 Media Duplication70-08270-084 CATL - Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning70-088 GraphicsGrossmont College Library Map - IMC Lower Level

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