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General Health sites

Sports Nutrition and
General Nutrition

Cancer & Diabetes
   American Medical Association

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (this is a GREAT site to start your supplement research)
   American Cancer Society 
   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Google's search engine for scientific and scholarly information 
   University of Pennsylvania
   USA Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
   Gatorade Sports Science Inst.
   American Diabetes Association  
   National Institutes of Health
   Sports Science'
Mesothelioma Group
   National Institutes of Health Medline
   American College of Sports Medicine
Heart & Lung Disease
   Journal of the American Medical Association
   American Council on Science & Health
   American Heart Association  
   American Health Care Association
   USA Anti-doping Agency
   American Lung Association 
   US Dept of Health & Human Services
   Journal of Sports Science & Medicine    Mesothelioma  Awareness Center
   World Health Organization
   Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine
Mesothelioma Group
   Columbia University
   Site on health/nutrition fraud
Eating Disorders
   Health fraud watchdog
   Your personal nutritional recommendations guide
   site for eating disorder research
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport
   The Physician and Sports Medicine journal
   USA Food and Drug Administration
Suicide Prevention Resource
   Center for Science in the Public             Interest
   American Dietetic Association


Substance Abuse / Support Groups
  Centers for Disease Control
Alcohol abuse support group
  University of Indiana
   US Dept of Health & Human Services
  American Social Health Association
Narcotics abuse support group
Gambling support group
Shopping or spending addiction support group
Codependent support group
Adult children of alcoholics support group
support group for families of alcoholics
support group for teenagers who have an alcoholic parent(s)
   resources for addiction recovery
addiction info and referral to recovery








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