9th edition textbook coverHow to access the textbook online

Chapters 1 and 2 on the publisher's website

Chapter 1 of the textbook is available for free, online, from the publisher (and will probably be accessible that way forever). Just go here:

Chapter 1:

The rest of the book can be previewed to the extent of 50 page views; you can use those 50 for any pages in the book. You will probably want to use them to access the 40 or so pages in Chapter 2. To access those 50 page views, go here:

Chapter 2:

(Maximum 50 page views)

You may have to sign up for a (free) CourseSmart account, and it seems that you can only do this for one book (lifetime).

After you use up your 50 page views, you will be able to view every page in the textbook online, but only the top couple of inches of each page.

eBook online 

Do you like reading on the computer? Most students don't. But if you do, then you can save money by buying online eBook access rights from the publisher—click here:

eBook iconhttp://www.coursesmart.com/0205614272/

This is a LOT less expensive than any printed copy. As of January 2013, prices were as follows:

Happy reading!

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