How to access the textbook online

Chapters 1 and 2 on library e-Reserve

To view the library PDFs of the first two chapters (and download them to your computer, if you wish), follow these instructions.

NOTE: Each semester, there is sometimes a delay as the library checks the copyright restrictions for these two chapters. If you follow these steps but can't find these two PDFs, then you'll have to use the actual, physical copy on library reserve, or access chapter 1 from the publisher's website.

Start at the Grossmont College library website, either by clicking the link below or typing it into your browser's window:

Screen shot

Click on the left where it says
Our Library Catalog, which takes you here:

Screen shot

Click on Reserve Desk near the top, which takes you here:

Screen shot

As shown above, type the instructor's name, weinrich, into the Search for box. Then click the by Instructor button, which takes you here:

Screen shot

Obviously, now you click on the instructor's name (
WEINRICH JAMES), which takes you here:

Screen shot

Here you see the three items reserved under this name: Chapter 1 e-Reserve, Chapter 2 e-Reserve, and the physical book. Click on the Details button for Chapter 1 to go here (obviously, you come back to this page and click on the button for Chapter 2 to read it later):

Screen shot

Look at the last line, where it says:
Grossmont students click here to read this e-Reserve. Do that and you'll go here:

Screen shot

You'll only have to deal with this login screen the first time you access the item during any given online session. Only currently enrolled Grossmont students can log in here. (Once you've logged in, you'll skip the login page and go directly to the page below until you log out.)

Screen shot of PDF of chapter 1

This is Chapter 1 in PDF format. Your computer may pause for a moment as it downloads the PDF, and/or it may ask you to save it to your disk, or to install a PDF plugin for your browser. If you wish, you can choose Save As... from the File menu to save the PDF to your computer; that way you won't have to go through these steps every time you want to read it:

Screen shot

Follow a similar process to read Chapter 2:

Screen shot of PDF of chapter 2

At any time along the way (maybe even at the very beginning), you might get a screen saying that your session has timed out. If you do, just click OK. (You might get this message even though you haven't logged on yet. Don't worry; just click OK.)

That's all there is to it. Happy reading!

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Last revised: 6/11/10