How to access the textbook online

Getting started in a new semester is a hassle. What if the bookstore sells out of the textbook? What if you ordered it online and it hasn't arrived yet? You have to read chapters 1 and 2 for... next class! Panic! What to do?? Although the textbook for this class is physically on reserve in the Grossmont College library, there's only one copy. What if you go to read it and someone else has it already?

There are two solutions: the Grossmont College library's e-Reserves, and the textbook publisher's website. The library method might not work (depending upon the semester, the copyright conditions, the library's budget, etc.):

Grossmont College library
(might not work any more)
Publisher's website
Chapters 1 and 2 possibly available
Chapter 1 available
Chapter 2 temporarily available
No other chapters available electronically
You can buy the entire book as a download
Black and white
All illustrations are there
A handful of illustrations are missing
Can view online
Can view online
Can download as PDF
PDF download requires payment

It's your choice. But now you have no excuse when you take the quiz!

This page revised on 1/25/2014.