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Step 4

What to do once the semester begins

Now that you have changed your e-mail address in WebAdvisor (and thus Blackboard), read the syllabus, ordered the textbook, and found out about the two movies you have to watch for the course, you are ready to begin taking the course itself.

Come back to this page the first day of the semester. At that time, follow the instructions below; the course container will be available Monday morning of that first week. (It is possible that it might be available a day or two before that, but if past experience is a guide this is unlikely.)

You may want to bookmark the page you are reading right now, to make it easy to find once the class opens.

Once the semester begins, you will be able to access the Blackboard container for your course. Begin by going to:

and log in to your Blackboard account using your username with the period:


and your password (your date of birth in MMDDYY format, unless you have changed it):

Login screen
Click the Login button.
Now you are back on the Welcome page for your GCCCD online classes.

Click the dark gray "My Courses" tab at the top left of the screen. (If you don't do this, some of the important buttons might not show up along the left side of some later windows.)
My Courses tab
Click the link for this class. It is probably something like:

2014FA PSY-134-9021 - Human Sexuality

If you see no such link, don't worry; the link will not appear until the first day of class. If it is after the first day of class and you still can't see it, then you can worry! :)
NOTE: In Fall 2014, the container might first appear a day or two late. Sorry about that.
Final link to
This takes you to the main screen for the course. Click on the green buttons down the left hand side to find out more.

Main screen

You will DEFINITELY want to click the Syllabus button. The first quiz is a Syllabus Quiz!  Syllabus button
Be sure to check the Announcements from time to time.
Announcements button
Most of the "action" in the course happens in the Learning Modules, so click that button now to see what the first part of the course is like.
Learning modules button
This takes you to the main learning modules screen.
Learning Module screen
10 Do Module 0 right away. It makes sure that your computer's browser and movie software are up to date. If everything is OK, you know that technically you will have the resources to finish the course.

Module 0
11 That's it! You're in! Once you finish Module 0, you can do any of the modules in the first section of the course (Group 1) in a few days.

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Revised 8/13/2014