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Step 3

What to do before the semester begins

Now that you have checked/corrected your e-mail address in WebAdvisor (and thus Blackboard), you will be able to receive e-mails from the instructor. Whew!

Next, you can do a few things before the semester officially begins -- such as read the syllabus and buy your textbook:

Read the syllabus

This will answer most of your questions about the course.
Buy the 9th edition of the textbook (and start reading it, if you wish). [NOTE: The 8th edition is no longer acceptable.]

The syllabus explains which version to buy, and how to buy it. Once you are in the syllabus, click on the red TEXTBOOKS button for details. But remember, only the 9th edition is OK. The 8th edition is no longer acceptable.

And you can also read the first chapter or two online for free, in case there's a delay in you receiving the book.
Find out where to get the movies

There are two movies you need to watch during the course. To avoid delays, you should start looking for the first one right away. The second one is available online, for free, in a small format; you might want to rent it to see it in higher quality.
4 Wait for the semester to officially begin

Once it does, log in to Blackboard and get started! Click here for STEP 4 of the instructions.

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