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Step 2

Change your e-mail address in WebAdvisor (and thus Blackboard)

Now that you have logged on, you need to do one thing right away: Check your e-mail address in the Grossmont computer systems so that you will be able to get e-mail from the instructor. You need to check this right away -- even before the semester begins. If the e-mail address Grossmont has for you is not one you check frequently, you're going to miss some important messages.

Click here to open a PDF page on the Grossmont website that shows you
how to change your e-mail address.

Within 24 hours (usually overnight), WebAdvisor will automatically transfer your new e-mail address into Blackboard. After that, the instructor will be able to send you e-mail easily at your correct address.

By the way, if your e-mail in Blackboard appears to be, this means that WebAdvisor has no idea what your e-mail address is; you should change it to a working e-mail right away.

It's not difficult to figure out how to change your e-mail in Blackboard, but that's the wrong thing to do! Here's why:

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