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International Students


Requirements for Admissions

Fall Semester Application Deadlines June 1

Spring Semester Application Deadlines

  • October 15 for Out of the USA Applicants.
  • November 1 for students transferring from USA institutions. (Extended to November 15 for submitting documents)

Online application and all documents must be received by the deadline.

Contact Information:

Mika Miller
(619) 644-7182
Lisa Lundgren (619) 644-7172



The online application AND all documents are required by the deadline.  If you are applying from your home country, you should submit the six documents below for admission.  Transfer students should submit all eight documents.  After all documents are received, a SEVIS I-20 will be issued.  There is no fee to apply to Grossmont College. 

  1. Online Application
  2. English Proficiency
  3. High School / College Transcript
  4. Sponsor Form
  5. Financial Statement
  6. Copy of Passport ID page
  7. Copy of F-1 Visa, I-94, and I-20 (Transfer Students Only)
  8. Transfer Form (Transfer Students Only)
  9. Note:  All students must attend a two-day orientation.  Failure to attend IN FULL  a two-day orientation program will result in a cancellation of your admission and I-20.


• Program I: November 17 and 18, 2014
• Program 2: December 2 and 3, 2014

• Program I: TBD
• Program II: TBD


Online Application

Complete the Online Application for Admission

  • Create an account as a new user and remember your “user name” and “password.”

  • If you do not have a Social Security Number, click on “no number.”

  • If you are living in your home country, be sure to click “Foreign address” before inputting your address. 

You must complete the area labeled 'Major Code' with the area of study you would most like to study. The major needs to be one of the listed Grossmont College majors Later, if you wish, you may change your major.  If you leave this space blank, we will automatically enter a "General Studies" major.


English Proficiency

Students must demonstrate English proficiency through one of the following:

  1. Official TOEFL score – ETS must send an official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score directly to Grossmont College.  Our ETS college code is 4334.  The minimum score is 450 (paper-based) or 45 (internet-based).

    There is an on-campus TOEFL program available through American Collegiate English (ACE)  for those who do not have a score of 450/45.

  2. Grossmont College offers an Institutional TOEFL.  The minimum score is 450.  For more information, test dates, and to register, please click here:  Institutional TOEFL Information and Registration Form.   Please register early to save your space.

  3. Official IELTS score - Submit official IELTS to Grossmont College.  The minimum score is 4.5 on the academic module.  Go to for more information.

  4. Students whose native language is Japanese ONLY may submit EIKEN test results with a minimum score grade of "2A”. Please contact for more information.

  5. Students whose primary language is English do not need to submit TOEFL or IELTS reports.

  6. Students who are attending the following language schools and have completed the coursework below may submit certificates from the schools:

Language School


American Collegiate English (ACE) at Grossmont

Recommendation from the program

American Language Institute (ALI) at SDSU

Level EAP 105 and letter of recommendation

Converse International School of Languages Level 6 (High Intermediate)

ELS Language Centers

Level 109

Embassy English

Level 5 (upper intermediate)

Human International Academy Level 5 (advanced) and letter of recommendation
Hancock International College Level 3 and 4 of Hancock Intensive ESL
UCSD Extension Level 107
Intrax Level 9 and letter of recommendation
Language Studies International (LSI) Level 4



High School / College Transcript

Submit official diploma or certificate from High School/secondary school and/or transcripts from any college/universities you have attended. The documents do not need to be translated.


Sponsor Form

Submit Sponsor Certification form, signed by your sponsor.  This form indicates that the person who signs the form is willing and financially able to support you as an International Student for the duration of your studies at Grossmont College.


Financial Statement

Submit proof of financial support demonstrating that you or your sponsor can meet the minimum estimated tuition and living expenses. It is estimated that you will need a minimum of $22,000 per year. This proof must be your sponsor's bank statement or letter (original document) from their financial institution with the required amount $22,000 in U.S. dollars.  This letter must be written in English and have a U.S. dollar amount on it. (Fees are subject to change.)


Copy of Passport ID page

Submit a copy of the photo ID and expiration date page(s) of your valid passport.  For transfer students,
we will also need a copy of your F1 visa, copy of your I-94 card, and current SEVIS I-20.


Copy of F-1 Visa, I-94, and current I-20

FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY: Submit a copy of your F-1 visa and I-94 number print-out (You may retrieve your number at and the I-20 from your current or most recent school.


Transfer Form

FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY:  Submit International Student Transfer Form if you are attending another U.S. institution.  This form needs to be filled out by your CURRENT school's International Student DSO, Advisor, or Specialist and must show your last date of attendance. 
We will not be able to issue an I-20 without this form.


After Your Acceptance to Grossmont College

MANDATORY ORIENTATION: All students are required to attend a two-day orientation program.  Students should attend the earliest possible orientation for better class selection. Failure to attend orientation will result in cancellation of your admission to Grossmont College. An Orientation Reservation Form will be mailed upon acceptance to Grossmont College.

ARRIVAL IN THE U.S.: Once a student has been accepted and has obtained an F-1 visa, the student may enter the US up to 30 days prior to the first date listed on #5 on the I-20.  It is advised that the student arrive 4-5 weeks before the first day of fall semester classes and 7-10 weeks before the first day of spring semester classes in order to attend the earliest possible orientation program and locate housing. It is your responsibility to make flight arrangements which will enable you to attend orientation.

Please click New Student Information to learn more about arriving in the U.S., travel tips, housing, health insurance, and other important topics.





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