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Respiratory Therapy Program


WEDNESDAY  DECEMBER 3, 2014  IN ROOM 34-211 FROM 2:00 P.M. TO 3:00 P.M. Please contact the RT Office for more information.



Beginning Fall 2013
Students using biology 140 and 141 to satisfy prerequisites must also complete Biology 141 L (physiology Lab).


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  Effective November 01, 2013                                                        (posted 3/28/2013)  
Students wishing to apply to the EKG Telemetry Program must provide proof of the following immunizations and /or tests at time of application;
  1.  MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)- series of 2 vaccinations or seropositivity.

  2. Hepatitis B- series of 3 vaccinations and HBsAb Quantitative test for

    EA negative (non-immune) seropositivity test result must include
                   a booster or repeat of series, and a re-test for seropositivity.
     (Students are not eligible to decline without a physician's statement documenting an adverse reaction to HepB or a statement from their pastor indicating refusal for religious reasons.

  3. Tdap (Tetanus/Diphtheria Acellular Pertussis)- 1 vaccination 2005 or after.

  4. Varicella- series of 2 vaccinations or seropositivity. 

    TB (Tuberculosis)- not required at time of application.  This test will be required after invitation and acceptance to the program.  It is recommended students test 3 months prior to start of program.  Further information will be available at time of acceptance.
Applicants currently on the waitlist or those wishing to apply to the program prior to November 01, 2013:
The above required immunizations and/or tests will need to be submitted to the EKG Telemetry office by November 01, 2013 in order to remain on the waitlist and receive an invitation to the program.  If all required immunizations and/or tests are not complete and submitted to the EKG office by the November 01, 2013 deadline date, your name will be removed from the waitlist.

Any Prior conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may influence eligibility for licensure as a Respiratory Therapist. A flagged background check or drug screen may also prohibit entrance and/or participation in the Respiratory Therapy Program. Applicants with prior convictions are required to contact the Dean of Allied Health and Nursing for confidential advisement and planning prior to applying to the program. Please visit Respiratory Care Board of California at website for general information.

Effective January 01, 2012

If you are enrolled or have accepted a seat into any other Grossmont College Health Professions Program, you will be ineligible to receive an invitation to the Respiratory Therapy Program . Students wishing to apply to the Respiratory Therapy Program must apply for an entry date which does not conflict with the completion of the Health Professions Program you are currently enrolled in.

All students must have completed the Hepatitis B Vaccinations (3) and test for Seropositivity in order to begin the program beginning with the fall 2012 cohort.
Please note that the series and seropositivity take approximately 7-8 months to complete. Applicants wishing to be considered for fall 2012 should begin the series immediately. Please contact your healthcare provider, for more information on the Hepatitis B Series of vaccinations.

"All communication between the program office and the student is by email. All emails sent to student on the waitlist and currently in the program are sent with a delivery and read receipt. If you chose not to check the read receipt, the program is not responsible if the student states that they did not receive the email".



Effective 12/7/10 the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) will no longer be required. If you have taken the TEAS and did not achieve a passing score, please contact the Health Professions office.

Description of the Program

The Respiratory Therapy Program is sequential beginning with treatment and management of patients with noncritical conditions progressing to patients with critical and life-threatening conditions. Grossmont College prepares the student to practice respiratory care in acute, critical and home health care settings. The population groups range from neonatal to the elderly.

Participation in a senior rehabilitation project is required of the second-year students. On several occasions, students will be required to meet at other-than-classroom time to participate in field trips.

Grossmont College prepares the student for an Associate in Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy as well as eligibility to take the registry examination given by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC)

Upon completion of the major course requirements and prior to receiving a certification of completion from the Respiratory Therapy Program, the graduating student will be required to successfully complete the comprehensive "minimum-competency entry-level examination" given during the fourth semester.

Grossmont College Philosophy

To be a responsive leader in developing effective and efficient quality educational programs, classes and services to meet the needs of students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions, job entry and job re-entry skills, and for lifelong and cultural enrichment necessary to a productive and socially responsible life.

Philosophy of the Respiratory Therapy Program

The Respiratory Therapy Program of Grossmont College shall facilitate student growth in the allied health specialty of respiratory care. Major emphasis will be directed towards helping each student develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to becoming a competent, well-rounded health care team member. The student shall demonstrate appropriate growth by:

  • Displaying skills in gathering and recording clinical information.

  • Competently defining the patient's problem(s).

  • Judging appropriate Respiratory Therapy intervention.

  • Displaying judgment and skill in implementing therapy.

  • Acquiring effective and appropriate attitudes towards his/her role as a Respiratory Therapist.

  • Accepting responsibility for the growth of Respiratory Therapy as a profession.



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