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Health Professions Physical Requirements


Standard Physical Requirements For Clinical Training
For Health Professions Programs

The following are the Standard Physical Requirements for working in the clinical environment as a student in the Health Professions Programs at Grossmont College.  These requirements were established as a result of a survey of clinical affiliates that provide training to Health Professions students.  If you cannot meet these requirements, please contact the appropriate office to discuss the matter.

  • Lift While Standing  -   Light to Moderate  -  Less than 50 pounds  -  Frequent
  • Lift While Sitting  -   Light  -  Under 25 pounds  -  Frequent
  • Lift With Assistance - Heavy   - Over 50 pounds (Patient Transfer, etc.)  -  Occasionally/Frequently
  • Pushing  -  Heavy   -  Over 50 pounds  -  Frequent
  • Pulling  -  Heavy   -  Over 50 pounds  - Frequent
  • Reaching (Full Extension   -  Elbow Flexion)  At shoulder level  -  Occasional/Frequent
  • Reaching (Full Extension   -  Elbow Flexion)  Above shoulder level - Occasional/Frequent
  • Standing for extended periods   -  Frequent
  • Standing for extended periods with radiation protective device (CVT Invasive Track)  -  Frequent
  • Sitting for prolonged periods - Frequent
  • Walking (Moderate distances within clinical environment)  -  Frequent
  • Carrying  -  Light to Moderate  -  Less than 50 pounds  -  Occasional
  • Bending  -   Occasional
  • Stooping  -   Occasional
  • Kneeling  -   Occasional
  • Turning  -   Frequently
  • Hand Manipulation  (Hand controls, simple grasping, power grasping, fine manipulation)  -  Frequently
  • Foot Controls   -   Frequent
  • Visual Requirements  -   Ability to observe alarms, indicators, patients and the public.  Ability to recognize and respond to safety issues.
  • Auditory Requirements  -   Ability to hear and understand orders from a physician or supervising technologist.   Ability to hear safety alarms and respond appropriately.


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