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Measles, Mumps & Rubella

These three diseases are still present in our San Diego community. If you were born in the United Stated AND attended school here, you probably received this vaccination already.

You will need two vaccinations if born after 1957. If born before 1957 there are special considerations.

The MMR vaccination is a LIVE vaccine which has a greater risk of adverse effects than other vaccines. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you only receive the MMR vaccination after exhausting all your efforts to locate your vaccination records. If you still canít find your vaccination records AND you attended primary and secondary schools in the US- please consider getting an MMR titer. The MMR titer is a blood test that will tell us if you are immune to measles, mumps and rubella.

MMR vaccine -- Two vaccinations given one month apart
MMR titer

You may not get the MMR vaccine at our office if you:

  1. Are pregnant, breast feeding, think you might be pregnant or planning/trying to get pregnant. Ask your doctor. Pregnancy needs to be avoided for 3 months after this vaccination.
  2. Ever has a reaction to the MMR vaccination, are allergic to neomycin or are allergic to any of the components of the vaccination.
  3. Are acutely ill or have a chronic illness that suppresses your immune system.
  4. Are on any medications include any kind of steroids (including nasal steroids), chemotherapy or any other medication that suppresses your immune response.
  5. Have active Tuberculosis, cancer, leukemia or other illness that suppress your immune system or involve the bone marrow or lymphatic system.
  6. Are allergic to eggs or any components of the vaccine.
  7. Have a latex allergy-see you doctor.
  8. Have a FAMILY OR INDIVIDUAL history of congenital or hereditary immunodeficiency.
  9. Have a history of cerebral (head) injury, individual or family history of convulsions (seizures).
  10. Have any conditions in with stress due to fever should be avoided.
  11. Have had a blood or plasma transfusion. Ask you doctor.
  12. Administration of immune globulin (human). Ask you doctor.



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