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Geologic History Assignment: Do all 3 exercises and write down your answers on a piece of paper to turn in for credit.

  Windows application Shockwave version
(must have or install Shockwave*)
Mac application
Geologic History Exercise 1 GeoHist1.exe GeoHist1 GeoHist1.osx.hqx
Geologic History Exercise 2 GeoHist2.exe GeoHist2 GeoHist2.osx.hqx
Geologic History Exercise 3 GeoHist3.exe is temporarily unavailable. Please use the Shockwave version of GeoHist3 instead. GeoHist3 GeoHist3.osx.hqx

Self-Guided Field Trip:

bulletTourmaline Field Trip.pdf

3D Silicate Structures:

bulletLink to the 3D QuickTime animations shown in class

What's Shaking?!!!:

bulletSeismograms recorded by our new seismograph in Grossmont's Science Learning Center

Plate Maps to use for the Plate Map Exercise:

bulletGood Plate Map
bulletGreat (big) Plate Map

See what happens in our field classes (GEOL 150, 164 etc.).

bulletThese pictures are from the field trip to Catalina Island 9/14-16/07:
bulletTake a look at these pictures taken from our last field trip to the Salton Sea:

PetraScape v.1.00

bulletDownload PetraScape v.1.00 here. Save it to your desktop. Once saved, double click on the icon to run the software. Be forewarned that last semester I had two reports of the beta version of PetraScape crashing student computers! Both of these happened on computers with less than 512MB RAM and 64MB of video RAM. Relatively high-end systems did not reported any problems. I highly recommend using the computers in in Grossmont's Tech Mall or Science Learning Center because I know that PetraScape runs OK on them. If you use your own  computer, make sure you have at least 512MB RAM and a 3D accelerated video card running at least Direct X 7  with 64MB or more dedicated video RAM. Good luck.

Online Grades This the website where you can view your current grades. You will need the user ID number and password I gave you in class.


Build Your Own Volcano with Erupt3 Download this free software and watch a volcano grow according to your own specifications.

Mount St. Helens is Erupting! Well, sort of..... actually it is building a new volcanic dome, which is about as tame as eruptions get, but you can watch it happen in near real time (5 minute updates) on the VolcanoCam.

Volcano World Pictures and information on every volcano in the world.

Lynn Fichter's Mineral and Rock Pages at JMU This gets my vote for best geology website.

Earthguide's Geologic Map of the San Diego Area A simplified small scale geologic map of Southern California.

Preliminary Geologic Map of the El Cajon 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Southern California This is an awesome map. Check out the pdf version.

California Geological Survey Preliminary Geologic Maps - Southern Region Detailed online geological maps of Southern California. Check out the one of San Diego.

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Home Power Points Answers to SQ's Tourmaline Field Trip