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English/ESL Independent Studies




The Computer Tutors

The computer tutors who work in this room help students with the operation of the computers and the software found in the English/ESL Independent Studies room.

Tutor Assistance

Students should ask computer tutors for help with any of the following areas:

  • Disks: Students must use a PC formatted disk to save their work.
  • Basic computer operation: Computer tutors can help students with opening files or general computer questions.
  • Saving documents: Students should always use a disk when creating a document. To avoid losing an essay, students should frequently save their documents (essays) to a disk in Drive “A”; they should not save to “My Documents.”
  • Printing: All printing is “pay for printing”: $0.15 per sheet. The printer is located in the main Tech Mall right outside room 70-122. Look for printer station #3
  • Grammar software: All software needed by students is accessible from the desktop: English Microlab, Focus on Grammar (Basic, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, and Advanced); Grammar 3D; One Step at a Time; An Electronic Writer's Reference; Skills Bank 4; Microsoft Word; Microsoft Internet Explorer for Internet access, and desktop access to The Newbury House On-line Dictionary.
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