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English/ESL Independent Studies



About English/ESL Independent Studies in room 70-122

The English/ESL Independent Studies room provides a specific area for ESL students and English 090 students to complete the lab time required as part of their course work. Additionally, any Grossmont College student may use these computers for independent study of the grammar software available in this room.

ESL Lab Time in room 70-122

  • ESL 95, 96, 100, 103, and 106 all require one hour per week of lab time that is in addition to their lecture class.
  • Approximately 500 ESL students spend one hour per week completing lab time.
  • ESL lab assignments range from students working on grammar programs (primarily Focus on Grammar), to completion of Internet assignments, to working one-on-one with an English Skills Peer Tutor.
  • If ESL students would like to talk to an English Skills Peer tutor and have the tutoring session count for lab time, students should go to the EWC in room 70-119 to request English Skills Peer tutorial assistance.

Checking in for ESL 95, 96, 100, 103 and 106 students

  • Students will check in by swiping their student ID Card at the “attendance” computer.
  • For every visit, ESL students must use the "College Writing Skills Contract" where they have recorded their ESL class the section number. The computer tutor will sign the sheet every time an ESL student visits.
  • Students should memorize their ESL class section number and choose that section number every time they login on the “attendance” computer. If they do not choose the correct section number, their lab attendance for that day will not appear on the ESL login records. No changes to students’ login records can be made.

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