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ESL Program


English as a Second Language 106
English as a Second Language IV

Catalog Description: The fourth core course in the study of English grammar, reading, and writing designed for students whose first language is not English. This course develops and takes to a higher level the academic literacy skills taught in English as a Second Language III and includes the study of advanced grammar and sentence structure, paragraph and essay organization and development, and advanced reading skills. One hour a week will be spent in the English Writing Center on word processing and/or completing software modules designed to reinforce and develop the grammar, reading, and writing skills introduced in class.

Course Prerequisite: Successful completion of ESL 103 or advisory placement into ESL 106 based on the ESL Assessment Test..

Semester Units: 5

Credit: ESL 106 counts toward a Grossmont College A.A. or A.S. degree as elective credit only.  ESL 106 is a prerequisite course to ESL 119.   This course transfers to CSU and the UC system as elective credit.

Requirements: 5 hours in class and 1 hour in a computer lab per week.

Description of an ESL 106 Student:

  • I have almost mastered the verb forms and the various verb tenses in the active and passive voice.
  • I still have trouble with past and perfect modals, especially subjunctive forms.
  • I still need to know many gerund and infinitive forms and uses, specifically gerund and infinitive complements.
  • I am quite familiar with the rules of agreement, but I still make some agreement errors.
  • I have a good idea of the use of definite and indefinite articles with common and proper nouns, but I still make many article mistakes when writing and speaking. At least, now I can recognize my article errors easier, and I have a better idea of article use.
  • I can distinguish a complete sentence from a fragment.
  • I can identify and distinguish various kinds of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences.
  • I can write paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting sentences, but my paragraphs lack grammatical accuracy, sufficient development of ideas, and precise word choice.
  • I can write an essay with an introductory paragraph with a thesis, 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. However, the essay lacks grammatical accuracy, sufficient development of ideas, and precise word choice.
  • I know about paraphrasing and summarizing, but I have never had to use these skills in writing college essays.
  • I can comprehend college level texts, but I need to read slowly. I also need a lot of time to look up the many new words I encounter in my bilingual dictionary.
  • I can read and comprehend the newspaper rather quickly and easily.
  • I can distinguish between literal and figurative references.
  • Instead of always using my dictionary, I can frequently figure out the meaning of a new word by understanding the context.

Recommended Courses to Take with ESL 106:

ESL 106R  Reading and Vocabulary Development VI
ESL 104    Listening and Speaking III
ENGL 061 Writing Skills (1 unit)



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