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ESL Program


English as a Second Language 103
English as a Second Language III

Catalog Description: The third core course in the study of English grammar, reading, and writing designed for students whose first language is not English. The course develops and takes students to the next level of the academic literacy skills taught in English as a Second Language II and includes the study of grammar and sentence structure, paragraph organization and development, essay introduction, and reading skills. One hour a week will be spent in the English Writing Center on word processing and/or completing software modules designed to reinforce and develop the grammar, reading, and writing skills introduced in class.

Course Prerequisite: Successful completion of ESL 100 or advisory placement into ESL 103 based on the ESL Assessment Test.

Semester Units: 5

Credit: ESL 103 counts toward a Grossmont College A.A or A.S. degree as elective credit.  ESL 103 is a prerequisite course to ESL 106 and ESL 119.  This course  transfers to CSU and UC as elective credit.

Requirements: 5 hours in class and 1 hour in a computer lab per week.

Description of an ESL 103 Student:

  • I have mastered the simple present and many irregular and regular past forms, but the progressive and perfect forms still give me problems. I know the difference between the active and passive voice. Although using voice accurately in speaking and writing is still a problem, I know the difference between the active and passive voice and can make various simple forms.
  • I have little understanding of past and perfect modals, especially subjunctive forms.
  • I have mastered very common gerund and infinitive forms and uses, specifically gerund and infinitive complements, yet my vocabulary is so poor the number of gerund and infinitive complements I use is limited to the most frequently used forms, like "want to" or "enjoy + -ing."
  • I know some rules of agreement, but I still make many agreement errors.
  • I have a limited knowledge of the use of definite and indefinite articles with common and proper nouns. I consistently make many article mistakes when writing and speaking. I have a difficult time recognizing my article errors and understanding the usage rule.
  • I can write various kinds of sentences and clauses, but I really cannot easily identify the various word, phrase, clause, and sentence types.
  • I can write paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting sentences, but my paragraphs lack grammatical accuracy, sufficient development of ideas, and precise word choice.
  • I can write an essay with an introductory paragraph with a thesis, 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. However, the essay lacks grammatical accuracy, sufficient development of ideas, and precise word choice.
  • I can eventually comprehend college level texts, but I need to read extremely slowly and translate a lot of words. I couldn’t begin to understand college texts without my bilingual dictionary.
  • I can read and comprehend the newspaper, but I read slowly, and always have to look up many words in my bilingual dictionary or have a bilingual person help me with the comprehension.
  • I sleep with my bilingual dictionary.

Recommended Courses to Take with ESL 103:

ESL 103R  Reading and Vocabulary Development IV (3 units)
ESL 104 – Listening and Speaking III (3 units)
ENGL 061  Writing Skills (1 unit)



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