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ESL Program


English as Second Language 101
Listening and Speaking II

Catalog Description: This is a high intermediate level course designed to improve studentsí fluency and accuracy in spoken English and listening comprehension in social, academic, and professional situations. Students will be required to do a variety of speaking and listening tasks and exercises in small groups and individually. Content will focus on a variety of professional and academic themes as well as current events.

Recommended Preparation: Successful completion ESL 097 or advisory placement into ESL 100 based on the ESL Assessment Test. 

Semester Units: 3

Credit: ESL 101 counts toward a Grossmont College A.A./A.S. degree as elective credit.

Requirements: 3 hours each week in class and at least 6 hours each week of homework or other assignments outside of class. Because this is an oral communication class, students are graded a lot for class participation and presentations. Attending class every time is, therefore, very important.

Description of an ESL 101 Student: The following statements generally describe an ESL 101 Student:

  • I can communicate effectively in most social situations.
  • My pronunciation is clear enough that people can understand me most of the time.
  • I can use basic grammar correctly when speaking, but I make mistakes with some of the verbs and nouns and get the words mixed up in long sentences.
  • I can use correct vocabulary in most social conversations.
  • I can understand the main points and details of short stories and presentations on familiar topics.

Other Courses: See ESL 100 for other courses you can take at this level.




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