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ESL Program


English as a Second Language 100
English as a Second Language II

Catalog Description: The second core course in the study of English grammar, reading, and writing designed for students whose first language is other than English. The course further develops and adds to the basic skills taught in English as a Second Language Iógrammar and sentence structure, paragraph organization and development, and reading skills. One hour a week will be spent in the English Writing Center on word processing and/or completing software modules designed to reinforce and develop the grammar, reading, and writing skills introduced in class.

Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of ESL 096 or advisory placement into ESL 100 based on the ESL Assessment Test.

Semester Units: 5

Credit: ESL 100 counts toward a Grossmont College A.A./A.S. degree as elective credit.

Requirements: 5 hours in class and 1 hour in a computer lab per week.

Description of an ESL 100 Student: The following statements generally describe an ESL 100 student:

  • Verb tenses still confuse me sometimes. I can use the present and future tenses correctly, but I still have trouble with the past. I have not learned the present perfect and past perfect.
  • I can change nouns from singular to plural and know the difference between count and noncount nouns.
  • I can usually write simple sentences using capital letters correctly and the correct punctuation at the end.
  • I can usually write questions, yes-no questions, and negative sentences correctly.
  • I want to be able to write paragraphs that are organized and long enough to express my ideas.
  • I can understand simple readings on topics I know, but I want to read more difficult texts on some new topics.
  • I need to learn more academic vocabulary and increase my reading speed.

Other Courses: If you placed at the ESL 100 level, the following are other courses that we recommend:

ESL 101    Listening and Speaking II (3 units)
ESL 100R  Reading and Vocabulary Development III (3 units)
ENGL 061 Writing Skills (1 unit)




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